A Beginner’s Guide To Essential Camping Gear 2020

Are you a beginner who is looking for the list of required items that are very essential when it comes to hiking or camping? Or just want to add up some basic equipment in your camping journey portfolio? Then you must be ready to spend this weekend in the wilderness of nature because below we have featured the list of essential camping and hiking equipment. You will be appreciating about your decision that you have modified or added some essential camping stuff from the below list.

Camping is fun but challenging at the same time because you are not in the comfort zone of your home. To enhance the comfort and convenience you must have the basic essential camping and hiking equipment. Therefore, ready to invest your next ten minutes in reading the below-detailed guide completely.

1. Lanterns, Flashlights, and Headlamps

Lanterns, Flashlights, and Headlamps

These essential equipment are best for getting artificial light in the darkness of the wild. If you are already late and pitching the tent in dark then you must select the headlamp. It will help you in pitching the tent by throwing artificial light. Black Diamond Spot headlamp is among the best. On the other hand, lanterns stand at the frontline when you want to get proper lightning inside the camp in the dark. LED Flashlights also among the best option to get far sight because no one wants to fall accidentally when sunset is going on.


2. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

It is obvious that you are going to carry the first aid kit with you. Who knows what will happen next. Still, you get some extra support. You can carry bandages, aspirin, and gauze. Don’t forget to carry aloe vera for burns and bug sprays. You will appreciate your decision.


3. Water Treatment Tablets or Filtration System

Water Treatment Tablets or Filtration System

Humans cannot exist without water. Water is an essential need for humans. Freshwater is accessible at most of the camping sites. However, it is a smart decision to carry a good amount of water in your car when you are camping. On the other side, backpacking hikers will be going to need water treatment tablets or a portable water filtration system. You can check out the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration system is available at $20 on Amazon and will do the work very well.


4. Tents, Poles, Stakes, Tie Downs

Tents, Poles, Stakes, Tie Downs

This is must be the first priority when planning for camping or hiking. You will need a secure shelter at night for sleeping. There are various types of tents are available in the market. Well, before purchasing any tent you must analyze what you really need. If you are camping solo then there are one-person backpacking tents are available. There are best when you are camping or hiking lonely.

If you are a beginner then it will be good for you to select an instant setup tent that can be easily pitched under 60 seconds.

5. Sleeping Pads and Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Pads and Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags come in various weights and sizes. They are useful for sleeping at night when you have no more convincing. The best sleeping bag will cost you around $150 — $200. If you need some recommendations then you can check out Marmot Electrum which is recommended by Outside magazine. You can checkout Bivy Sack vs Tents which is the best? To add some more comfort, sleeping pads do the remaining work. Basically, the sleeping pads are air-filled pad that sits between your sleeping bag and the ground. Therma-Rest Prolite is among the top sleeping pads that will cost you around $80.

6. Paper Maps

Paper Maps

Paper maps can take over the mobile phone maps. We are not saying that the maps application on your phone is not good. Let’s assume a situation when the cell phone network has gone and you will not be able to access the internet. Then paper maps stand as the best option. You can print them online or can buy one from the nearest shop. Therefore, you will still have some directions while camping. You can download offline maps that will also benefit you if you forgot the paper map.


7. Backpacks


Backpacks are good when you are on hiking. You have to go through long-distance hiking and the backpack will support you. This perspective differentiates camping and backpacking. The backpack comes in three different types based on their sizes: day packs, overnight and long haul. If low duration hiking is your aim then your good day pack will be best for you. If you are looking for a solid recommendation then Kelty Redwing will do the work that costs around $140.

8. Boots, Approach Shoes, Trail Runners, or Hiking Shoes

Boots, Approach Shoes, Trail Runners, or Hiking Shoes

Which type of shoe-wearing you will select is based on the type of trip you are planning for. A wrong decision may ruin or will not comfort your trip experience. Talking about the usual sneakers. They can do the job when you are on a small tour. On the other side, if you are really serious and planning for a long hike then you will appreciate your decision to purchasing dedicated shoe wearing. Dedicated shoes are best because you get stability for your ankles. Boots are best when you are planning to jump into mud piles because they offer you more grip than usual. Approach shoes are basically for climbing purposes. It stands in order after the boots in terms of durability.

If you are ready to jump around then trail runners replace the boots because they are light and work best for nimble-footed personalities. Hiking shoes are all-rounder when it comes to hiking and moving around. Hiking shoes tend to have low longevity. These are durable, lightweight, and have good traction.


Above, we have discussed essential camping and hiking equipment for beginners. If you are new to camping or hiking or just need to know what is best for you and what are the basic utilities for a good camping or hiking experience than just read the above guide carefully. Let us know if you want any other essential types of equipment to be listed above. Also comment below if any questions are arising in your mind. We will find our best to resolve them. Share your valuable thoughts and vision with us. Stay tuned with us for more regular updates on camping guides, tent, and hiking equipment guides. Have a nice day.

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