15 Best Camping Storage Ideas

How to get rid of unorganized camping equipment? Do you face problems while finding the right equipment when you need it? This time is yours because below, we have mentioned the top 15 camping ideas to stay organized while camping.

Camping is supposed to be a fun and relax time. No one likes to get dropped in problematic situations because of unplanned and unorganized storage options. Preparing perfect storages is a one-time investment solution for an enjoyable camping experience. You and your family will be thankful to you for creating the best storage options for camping gears and essentials.

Based on our past camping experience, we found several ways to organize your camping tools to save your time and relax your mind. All of them are listed below. You can follow and execute the below guide to improve your storage options and get organized solutions.

Camping Storage Ideas

Best Camping Organization Ideas

1. Color Coding Dry Bags

This method is best for those who enjoy canoe camping a lot. If you use dry bags for storing camping essentials then you may find difficulties in getting the right equipment. You have to open each bag and check where your breakfast supplies are? Even if you got the right dry bag then maybe your breakfast supplies are very below inside it. All these really look not so impressive.

Therefore, the best way to act as a smart camper is to color code the dry bags. After color-coding you know that dinner supplies are in the red dry bag, lunch and snacks are in the green dry bag and breakfast supplies are in the yellow dry bag. You can read our tips for camping in the rain. You can color-code your dry bags according to your preference. This way you know where the on-demand essential is.

2. Don’t Mix up with Scented Stuff

Don’t mix up your things with the scented stuff like toiletries. If you are camping in a bear active area then this is a very important thing to consider. Last time, we reach the camping site, I went to grab a new book out of the bag. I found that it is smelling like perfume. I was surprised until I released that it was packed closely to the toiletries.

Thanks to me because I don’t forget to carry the bear box. Immediately, I stored the books in the bear box. Therefore, make sure to store and pack the smelly and scented stuff separately and they must be not contaminated other stuff.

3. Well-Organize On Your Person Tools

It is always advised to carry safety items with you whether you are planning for hiking or going outdoor from your tent. I prefer to carry a small knife, compass, headlamp, and a whistle. Don’t carry too many items. Figure out the really required items. This way, I know my knife and compass are in the big pocket of my pants. The whistle in around my neck and headlamp is one the head. While sleeping, I store these items to the dedicated storage pocket in my tent. The next morning, again these items go on my person.

4. Carry Specific Bags for Trash

It is a moral duty for a responsible camper to carry its trash in a specific bag. Throwing them anywhere will disturb nature and may engage the animals. I thought of it when I have the wrappers then I re-organized the storage bags in a compressed way. Finally, I goy an empty bag for my trash. However, this procedure consumed lots of time. If you want to get rid of it then make sure to carry specific bags for your trash. I have old grocery store bags in my car that I use as a dedicated bag for trash.

Best Camping Organization Ideas

5. Dedicated Hand and Dish Washing Station

It is a smart decision to have a dedicated or we can say separate places for hand and dishwashing. This will work great when you are car camping. What you will need? A picnic table, a spigot, a five-gallon water jug, soap, handle tower holder/ bungee cords. Simply, place the spigot on the picnic table and soap next to it. Now, you will need a bungee cord to strap a paper towel rack or hand towel holder above it. Don’t forget to place a plastic bin to catch the waste.

6. Use a Hanging Shoe Rack

You can repurpose the hanging shoe rack of your home. Actually, they are quite versatile and very useful. You can also hang it on the clothesline at the camping site. The availability of such pockets is best for storing camping equipment. You can use its pockets to organize food, toiletries, and kitchen supplies. Apart from that you can hang shoe rack inside a recreational vehicle and get the best use from it.

7. Use Old Metal Coffee Cans

You can also use and take advantage of old metal coffee cans for organizing your camping essentials because they stack easily and don’t consume lots of space. The old metal coffee cans are easily found in your home if you have love to drink coffee a lot. Another advantage od old metal coffee cans are that they are water-resistant. Because of their perfect size, most people prefer to carry toilet paper rolls. I use these coffee cans for chips and mix trail.

8. Try as Lightweight as You Can

This tip will work best for backpackers. We prefer to carry as many lightweight items as we can. This is obvious for one person backpacking lovers. You can achieve the perfect lightweight backpack by figuring out what you really need and well-organizing the stuff. You can designate your backpack pockets for their respective motive.

For example, one pocket is for snacks, one pocket is for toiletries. Also, make sure your backpack is water-resistant because you don’t want all your essentials to get wet if it rains surprisingly.

9. Use See-Through Storage Bins

While car camping, I give prefer the see-through storage bins. This way you can figure out what is inside without taking the lid-off. Moreover, you can quickly pick, check, and select the right storage bin. It is the best method that works with various types of camping. While on the way, you can also check whether everything is on its place or they are twisting with every turn on the road.

10. Focus on Multi-function Items

While planning for a camping trip. You must give preference to the multi-function items. In this way, you will have less stuff and more productive items. You just need to be a little creative in order to figure out which stuff can be used for multi-purpose. You can find a tent that can be set up using the trekking poles, you can use a carabiner to kick start the fire and also as a knife. This may take time in figuring out but in the end, you will have the most productive camping items with you.

11. Carry Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are the best way to keep very essential tools with you. You can organize the important stuff in the fanny pack and keep it with you throughout the day. Fanny packs are very useful and can be easily carried wherever you go.

12. Use Compression Sacks

Compression sacks play a vital role in cramped situations. You will find a great difference in space occupancy between the summer gears and winter gears. Usually, winter gears consume lots of space. Hence, a solution is required that can provide some space to make the tent liveable. In this condition, the compression sacks are the best solution for space. Actually, compression sacks have a PurgeAir valve to help compress clothes, sleeping bags, and other gears. Moreover, they are lightweight and help you to get rid of limited space.

13. Use Hard-Sided Containers

There are many benefits to using hard-sided containers. The first advantage is that they will keep your stuff protected from common campground animals like raccoons. You can use old 5-gallon primer buckets with screw top lids. This will help you in organizing the gears. Moreover, these are water-resistant. So, don’t worry about any water damages. Therefore, we can say that hard-sided containers are another best option to organize your camping gear.

14. Use Portable Drawer Sets

Portable drawer sets are commonly used in most of the offices. In the offices, they are the best way to organize a large number of files for work and transportation through various desks. The same plan works with the car camping site. You can use the portable drawer sets to stay organized during camping. These will work as a great portable option to store your camping tools and equipment. In RVs, these are used to save a lot of space and getaway items when not in use.

15. Use Large Plastic Totes and Label Them

Another great option to store your camping essentials and tools is the large plastic totes. The best way to organize items in such plastic totes is by labeling them. We recommend investing in large plastic totes. You will get enough space for storage. Now, labeling them will let you why the required tools are when you need it. You can organize and label different plastic totes for different purposes like one for winter camping, one for kitchen supplies, and much more. While storing them you will don’t find any difficulties because they stack well on each other and can also fit inside the closet. Make sure that the things get returned to their original plastic totes. This way you will stay ready for your next camping trip.


There are several ways to organize your camping tools and essentials. The basic requirement is that you have to be a little creative. See-through storage bins, color-coded dry bags, fanny pack, specific bag for trash, compression sacks, hard-sided containers, old metal coffee cans, labeling large plastic totes, portable drawer sets are such creative and working examples of best camping storage options. Comment below if you have any questions in your mind. We will give our best to resolve your queries. Stay tuned.

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