Bivy Sack vs Tents

Bivy Sack vs Tents, Which is the best while camping?

Both are good as per their characteristics. But there are various real-life aspects that can allow you to select between one of them. Below, we have compared the bivy sacks and tents based on our experience and research.

We have compared them based on various factors like weight, space, comfort, ease of setup, convenience, a person joining the trek or camp, and price. We have also discussed the pros and cons so that you get highlights from them. Otherwise, for proper descriptive comparison, you have to give this comparison guide a complete reading. At last, we have also given our verdict.

Bivy Sacks

Bivy Sacks

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to setup

  • Easy to backpack

  • Vulnerable to dampness

  • Less space and uncomfortable

  • It cannot store much stuff

  • Require to dry frequently


Bivy Sacks vs Tents comparison

  • Cheaper than bivy sacks on a person basis

  • Condensation prevents from dampness

  • Spacious

  • You can store stuff

  • No need to dry

  • Comfortable

  • To setup, first, find a suitable camping place

  • Heavier and bulkier

Bivy Sacks vs Tents comparison

1. Weight

From the weight perspective, the tents are almost twice heavier than bivy sacks because there are no materials in bivy sacks as compared to tents like structure, stakes, and components. However, when we consider the modern design bivy sacks and tents, there is no much weight difference is left. Modern design bivy sacks and tents are extremely lightweight.

2. Space

Obviously, tents are more spacious than bivy sacks. Bivy sacks are smaller in size and can be easily fit in a backpack. However, due to less space, you cannot bring your items in a bivy sack. On the other side, the tents are more spacious. Even one person tents are quite enough large that you can store your belongings and comfortably sleep as well.

3. Comfort

From the comfort aspect, tents are more comfortable than bivy sacks. Due to less space in bivy sacks, condensation is obvious. The sack will become wet and the camper will feel uncomfortable. There are major ways to get rid of the dampness. Either you can invest your money in some good breathable synthetic sacks that are expensive as well or you can apply hydrophobic treatment to the sack.

If you are in harsh bad weather conditions then staying in a bivy sack will result in claustrophobia that no one likes at any cost. Even you will find that bivy sack gets warm up quicker.

On the other hand, tents stand as a good alternative option of bivy sacks. Tents have windows, vents, and other openings like mesh ceiling (some of them have) and doors for proper air circulation throughout the tent. The tents are more spacious such that you can comfortably sit inside and store stuff.

4. Ease of Setup

The bivy sacks are easier to setup. You don’t have to waste time finding a suitable place to set up. The poles are simple and quick to setup. The flip side here is that in order to set up the tent, you have to first find the right camping place for pitching the tent like an even terrain. The tent setup usually takes more time than bivy sacks.

The good thing is that there are instant set up camping tents that are too available which can be set up in thirty seconds to two minutes based on their structure. For more detail about instant set up camping tents, you can check the list of Top 10 best instant set up camping tents. The tent is spacious enough that you can store your items and other stuff inside.

5. Convenience

From some factors, you may find bivy sacks comfortable at someplace and tents comfortable at someplace. Let’s check out. Bivy sacks are smaller in size and can be pack in the smallest size possible. They can be easily fit in your backpack. Moreover, you don’t need to find a suitable spot to sleep in bivy sacks.

The bivy sacks can be set up quickly and used at any place. The packing up of bivy sacks is also more convenient and fast. We can pretty much say that if you are an adventurous type of personality and like to explore new like dangerous places that are un-explored then you must move forward with a bivy sack.

Due to the smaller size of bivy sacks, you cannot store all your stuff inside them. However, if you put some of your stuff into bivy sacks can make them unprotected and vulnerable from the wild animals and other outer elements. Bad weather conditions including storms, snow, and rain can also damage your belongings. Moreover, these can also ruin your camping experience because they have to dry for at least 2 or 3 days.

6. Person Joining the Trek or Camp

The bivy sacks are best as per their characteristics and the tents are outstanding as per their productiveness. If you are camping alone then you may find bivy sack a good option for you but if you are with a group and one of them forgot to take the bivy sack then where he or she will adjust? At that time, tents become more suitable. Instead, there is some one-person tent to exist.

Usually, tents are good when you are camping with your partner or there are kids or a group is camping together. Some tents even offer room dividers that separate the large spacious room into two different rooms. This enhances privacy and best when two couples or a group with different genders are camping together. You can check out the Core 12 person instant cabin tent that features a three-room structure. Basically, you have to go through what you really need.

7. Price

From the price perspective, tents are cheaper than bivy sacks on a personal basis. There are several one-person backpacking tents that are much cheaper than bivy sacks. You can check out our list of top 10 best one-person camping tents. Even if the number of person increases then tents stands as a cheaper option as compared to bivy sacks on a person basis. Still, the pricing depends upon various factors like size, features, and brand as well.

Our Verdict

Tents are more comfortable and spacious than bivy sacks. However, bivy sacks are best when you are on an unexplored adventure. For a single person, bivy sacks are good as the setup is quick and easy. However, there are one-person camping tents are too available but you have to spend your time in first finding a suitable place to pitch them.

Well! If there is a group planning to buy various bivy sacks then tents stand as the best option than bivy sacks. Tents are quite cheaper than bivy sacks on per person basis. You just have to analyze your needs and what you really want then make your decision.

Comment below if you have any questions or doubts. Stay tuned with us for more updates and informational guides.

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