Bushnell Shield Series 11′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent Review

Confused whether you should buy Bushnell shield series 11′ x 9′ instant cabin tent or not? Yes! Then this article is for you. This article offers a healthy discussion about the Bushnell shield series 6 person tent. Based on our experience and research, we have completely reviewed every important factor about this tent.

We are pretty much sure that by the end of this article you will get a complete idea of whether the Bushnell shield series 6 person tent can be an ideal camping tent for you or not?

We have also discussed various factors of this tent-like setup time, structure, person capacity, ventilation, weather protection, and fabric material. Followed by the quick packing guide and pros and cons. All you have to do is give a complete to the below guide.

Bushnell Shield Series Instant Tent

Features of Bushnell Shield Series 11′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent

1. Steel poles.

2. Gear Loft.

3. Reflective fly.

4. E-cable port.

5. 2 small inner wall pockets.

6. 5 mesh windows.

7. 6 person accommodation.

8. 99 sq. ft. tent floor area.

9. Large floor vent.

10. Silver coating under the fly.


Complete Review of Bushnell Shield Series 11′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent

Complete Review of Bushnell Shield Series 11' x 9' Instant Cabin Tent

1. Tent Setup

The length, width, and height dimensions of the Bushnell Shield Series 11′ x 9′ instant cabin tent when packed are 121 x 26 x 25 cm i.e. 47.6 x 10.4 x 10 inches. This tent weighs around 11.8 Kg i.e. 26 lb. Thus, it is not so portable or you can’t carry it if you are planning for long distances. Therefore, you will need to find a place for camping where the car can be accessed.

This tent comes with telescopic poles. There is a total of 15 tent stakes that come with this tent. As we all know that this is an instant cabin tent and we are pretty much sure that two people can set up the tent in around 30 minutes. The reason behind this ease of tent setup is that the frame is pre-attached to the tent.

Therefore, within sixty minutes the inner tent can be set-up. You just need to extend the 4 legs poles then you will hear a click which means that they are extended to the right length and locked in the correct place.

At this stage, you can still move the tent around and rotate if you want to change the door direction from north to south or east to west.

2. Structure

Here, you will get a boxy-looking cabin style structure of the tent. From outside, the aesthetics of the Bushnell Shield Canin style tent looks really awesome and attractive. At first sight, there is an inverted T-zipper designed door. The door also consists of two windows. Apart from the two windows on the door, there are three other paranormal windows on all sides of the tent.

If you want to put the fly on, then you will need an extra pole in order to support the awning. Within a couple of minutes, using the stakes included with the tent, you can now put the fly on.

3. Person Capacity

The manufacturer of this tent has declared that it can accommodate six people. After the successful setup of the tent, it offers a tent floor area of 99 sq. ft. i.e. 9.2 sq. m. Therefore, if we talk about the tent floor area per person then you get around 16.5 sq. ft per person i.e. 1.5 square meters per person tent floor area.

This tent is a single room construction as there are no room dividers are included in the tent. Therefore, if there is a single-family or friends group then this tent is good for you. However, two families or two couples will need to look for other options for privacy concerns. The peak height of the tent is around 72 inches i.e. 183 cm. So, if campers are taller then they can not stand comfortably inside it.

This tent attains dimensions as 12 x 11 feet i.e. 3.66 m x 3.37 m. You can easily fit two queens sized bed inside the tent. However, they will consume lots of space inside the tent. The awning area is 2.5 – 3 feet deep. Due to its flaps on the sides and the pole, it will need to be staked. This add-on will do the addition of up to three feet to its nine feet dimension. Overall, six-person can comfortably stay inside of the tent. This tent stands as a good option for a single-family having parents and two kids.

4. Ventilation

There is not even a single problem of ventilation in the Bushnell shield series 11′ x 9′ instant cabin tent. There are a total of five large-sized paramo mice windows on all sides of the tent. There are two windows on the door and three windows on the other side of the tent. The windows come with mesh and zippered panels. Apart from that, the mesh ceiling is also a great advantage from the ventilation perspective.

There is also a large floor vent available on the bottom side that comes with mesh. Therefore, it will not only help in maintaining the inner temperature of the tent but the mesh will keep the insects outside of the tent. Overall, the five mesh windows and the large floor vent contribute at their best for proper ventilation and also a great medium to get the natural light inside of the tent.

5. Weather Protection

On the weather protection perspective, this tent is best in calm weather climate without heavy rain. Three windows have double layer construction with zippered and mesh panels. The door itself has two windows with mesh and zippered panels. However, there is only a mesh ceiling on the top which is not a good option in winter or cold climate.

The fly comes with a tent is a 3/4 type. Therefore, it is not a full-coverage fly. It does not cover the whole tent. The good thing is that there is a special coating on the underside of the fly. This is supposed to block the sun’s UV radiation and also to make the inner area cooler and darker. Still, you can’t use the tent in a heavy windy environment.

6. The Fabric

There is not much information is available from the manufacturer’s side. It comes with water repellent weather shield fabric and with fully taped waterproof seams. Therefore, this tent will be able to resist the water. It will keep you dry in rainy conditions. But, we highly recommend not to use it in a heavy rain climate.

This tent has the ability to resist UV radiation because it comes with heat shield technology with silver coating. Both the fly and walls of the tent are made up of 150D polyester. This series comes with IPX4 ratings that make the tent water-resistant. Please note that this is not a waterproof tent. The tent floor is a catenary cut type. We can say that this is only a two-season tent. It gives you the best results in a calm weather climate. We highly recommend to not use it in heavy rain or winter conditions.

7. The Add-on Storage Options

The add-on storage options are a must when planning to buy an ideal tent for a memorable camping experience. Under the awning, there are two storage systems available on both sides that allow you to keep the small camping stuff. They are protected by the awning. Another good thing is the availability of a removable gear loft.

Apart from that, there are two small inner wall pockets that are also present inside. One lantern loop is also on the ceiling above the gear loft. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because you can safely keep your camping stuff and small belongings from getting lost at night.


How to Pack the Bushnell Shield Series 11′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent?

How to Pack the Bushnell Shield Series 11' x 9' Instant Cabin Tent?

The packing part of this tent is very easy. Anyone can easily pack the tent is a couple of minutes. If you are experienced then you will be going to pack it even faster. First, you have to start by removing the stakes. Once done, you have to remove the awning pole.

Your next step is to remove the fly. You have to proceed with all the packing steps patiently. Next, look for the orange color buttons on the four legs of the tent. Simply, push the orange button and the tent will collapse. Here, firmly push it down at the elbow joints. Now, fold the legs poles towards the center of the tent. At last, pack everything remaining. You are done. You have successfully packed the Bushnell Shield Series 11′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent. You can check out 10 best instant tents for camping here.

  • Easy setup.

  • Pre-attached frame.

  • 5 Mesh windows with zippered panels.

  • Proper ventilation.

  • Water repellent weather shield fabric.

  • Inexpensive.

  • Not for heavy wind or rainy conditions.

  • No room divider.


The Bushnell shield series 11′ x 9′ instant cabin tent is a great option when planning to camp in calm weather conditions. The structure and aesthetics of the tent are quite impressive. This tent is easy to set up and it can easily accommodate 6 people. It is a good tent whether you are planning for hiking, camping, fishing, or other outdoor activities. The one thing to keep in mind is that it is not a waterproof tent and it comes with a mesh ceiling. Therefore, it stands a great 2 season tent. Comment below if you have any questions. Your queries will be solved here.

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