How to Clean & Store Camping Gear at Home

Do you face any problems while storing your camping gear? No, worries. Storing the camping gear perfectly is very essential because well-organized equipment will live longer. Moreover, it will also improve the quality of your next camping trip. You hold a master list that allows getting ready for your next trips in just a few minutes. So, make sure to sit down and relax. It will be even better to get a cup of coffee because the next ten minutes will be going to improve your camping journey from the core. So, let’s begin…

How to Clean & Store Camping Gear at Home

Select the Correct Place

The first step to store your various camping gears is to the selection of the correct place at your home. Most people use their basement, garage, or closet in order to store their camping equipment. You will need to decide what place will work best for you. Space must be appropriate that can store all your camping gear properly. I use my garage to store all my camping gear. Also, stick to a single location. Do not select multiple spaces for storage.

Select the Right Storage System

Once, you have decided the dedicated space to store your camping gears then the next step is selecting the right storage system. You may have a single storage system or multiple systems to store items. Basically, the right storage system will help you to perfectly organize your camping equipment.

1. Pegboard

The pegboards are best when you are short on space. You can simply hang in your dedicated area for storage like a basement or closet. Pegboards are best to hang various types of camping equipment including sleeping bags, knives, and axe.

2 Hanging Racks

Hanging racks are another best option to enhance your storage space. You can use hanging racks from ceiling to floor. The usage depends on you. Otherwise, these are rolling items and portable such that you can place them in your basement or garage. Hanging racks can be a dedicated instrument to hang your camping clothing. You can also use it to hold items.

3. Bins

I use the bins to store most of my camping gear. A clean bin is the best solution to store various items. You can also enhance these bins spaces by putting labels. This way you will have a well-organized storage system. Just make sure that all camping gears return to their dedicated bins. I have multiple bins named as camp clothing bin, camp kitchen bin, a car camping bin, and more. I store them on shelves. You can also stack them on their own.

4. Shelves

Shelves can be a major part of your storage solutions. I use shelves in a better-organized way by storing the camping bins. It will be more beneficial if you have more than one bins accessible. You can use the shelves to organize space as per your storage location that works better for you.

5. Drawers

A plastic drawer set is what you need if you are a camper who prefers car camping. It is also a better option when we talk about organizing the storage spaces in a smarter way. A perfect plastic drawer set can be used to pack up three bins at once. The best part is that you can make a dedicated plastic drawer to keep the items that you use while camping and at home. Listen to your mind. May be your mind is trying to execute a better way to organize the space.

Store Camping Gear

Storing Various Camping Gear

The above-discussed storage systems can be used to store various camping gear and equipment. However, there are certain camping gears that must be discussed separately.

1. Tents

Tents must be stored properly and carefully in order to enhance longevity. Always dry your tent after returning from the camping trip. You can roll the tent and store it into the pillowcase. Make sure to not fold or pack it tightly because packing tightly will replicate stress on the tent fabric. You can read our guide on how to store your tent properly. You can read it for proper details.

2. Camping Clothes

It will be a better option to have separate sets of clothes for camping. It will be even more beneficial if you don’t mix them with your regular clothes. Simply, when you return from your camping trip then launder them and store in a dedicated compression bag. This way you will have a ready to go out bag for your next camping trip. Comment below how you store your camping clothes usually?

3. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags must be stored properly. The best way is to store them inside their original bags. However, if you don’t like to do that then you can hang them on the pegboard. Still, some people don’t like to see the hanged sleeping bags every time they visit near to pegboard. I prefer to store sleeping bags firmly inside the pillowcase. The same way I store my tent inside the pillowcase.

4. Camping Chairs

Camping chairs can be hanged on the pegboard. These chairs fold up easily. You can also store them according to your strategy for storing camping gear. What do I do? I put all my camping chairs in my garage and put a tarp over them. A tarp will prevent my chair from dust and dirt. Another creative way to store camping chairs is by self-made rounded wall rack of PVC pipes. Let us know how you were storing your camping chairs?

5. Camping Bags

There are two ways to store your camping bags. The first method is storing them within one another. I simply fold my various bags nicely and store them in one another. This way my large bag becomes a house for all my bags. When you need to go out then get what you need, pack, and go out. That’s it.

The second method is more than storing your bags. You using them as a storage unit. You can pack and make some of your camping bags always ready. This way you are always ready for your next trip.

6. Camping Kitchen

Here, you have to think smartly. At first, storing the camping kitchen may sound very difficult but you can use the plastic bins. We have already discussed them above. We can’t leave the camping kitchen in the garage to get dust and dirt. You can bring perishable items back to your home kitchen.

What do I prefer? For camping kitchen, I always prefer the camp kitchen chuck box. After returning from the camping trip, clean the items then pack them under their boxes. However, if you don’t want to invest in a chuck box then you can prefer the plastic bins and label them.

7. Tarps

If you have multiple tarps then place them over your stored camping gears. It will protect them from dust and dirt. If you don’t like doing it or have a few tarps then simply fold and store them on a shelf. That’s it.


Now you know how to store your camping gear perfectly. Just make sure to have a dedicated space and a good storage system that works for you. Comment below how you store your camping gear? Which derivation you will do from the above guide to store your camping essentials. Stay tuned with us for more camping guides and tent reviews.

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