Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review 2020

Looking for an ideal camping tent solution for an open-air group gathering or for an unforgettable family camping experience? Need a durable and reliable camping tent option? Well! We found that the Coleman 8 person instant family camping tent will be a good option for you.

This camping tent stands as an unbeatable option when it comes to family camping or a group music festival gathering. This tent is fully packed with some great and awesome features that act as a very inevitable option when it comes to an ideal camping tent solution.

This article contains a healthy discussion on the Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent. We have briefly discussed various important aspects of the tent-like tent setup, structure, person capacity, ventilation, weather resistance, fabric material and warranty period.

We have also mentioned the features of Coleman 8P instant cabin tent followed by pros and cons. At last, we have given our verdict. By the end, we are sure that you will have a final decision that the Coleman eight-person cabin tent 14 x 10 is a good option for you or not.

Features of Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14 x 10

Features of Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14 x 10

  • Single-layer
  • Two doors
  • Seven huge windows
  • Instant setup
  • Freestanding
  • 140 sq. ft floor area
  • Room divider
  • 6 ft 5 in peak height
  • Two rooms structure
  • Tall tent
  • Two vents
  • Reasonable price

  • WeatherTec patented system

  • Good ventilation

  • Spacious tent

  • Telescopic poles

  • Waterproof

  • Durable tent

  • Few storage pockets

  • No vestibule

Review of Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14 x 10

Review of Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14 x 10

Below, we have given a complete review of the Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent. We have given a healthy discussion on the various factors of the Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent. Actually, there are two versions of this tent are available – 14 ft x 10 ft and 14 ft x 8 ft.

The highlighted difference between them other than the floor dimensions is that the 14 ft x 10 ft version is a single layer tent and you can buy another fly for more water resistance because the fly is integrated. On the other side, the 14 ft x 8 ft version comes with a rainfly. Below, we are going to discuss the Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent 14 ft x 10 ft version.

1. Tent Setup

Review of Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14 x 10

The Coleman eight-person 14 ft x 10 ft is an instant setup tent. In the packed carry bag, its dimensions measure as 47 in x 10 in or we can say 120 cm x 25 cm and weighs around 36.3 lb i.e. 16.5 Kg. Therefore, first, you will require to analyze the space in your car. If the car is fully packed with campers and other camping stuff then it will be a good option to place the tent on the roof of the car.

As obvious, it is not a lightweight tent. You will need a medium of transportation like a car in order to carry the tent with you to the camping destination. On the other side, you will need to ensure that the car is accessible to the camping destination or not.

As we have already revealed that it is an instant setup camping tent. Therefore, the frame is pre-attached to the tent and the main poles are telescopic. For brief information you can check HERE Are instant cabin tents are good for camping? You just need to unfold the tent and extend its telescopic poles until you hear a ticking sound and the button appears on the pole which means that the telescopic pole is fully extended. The tent setup procedure is so easy and quick that few person can set up this tent in two minutes. We can pretty much say that if you are camping for the first time with your family in summer vacations then you can reliably select the Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent 14 x 10 ft.

2. Structure

On the setup completion, you get a very tall tent. Obviously, because it is a cabin-style tent. This look like a giant spider-like structure as there is six spider leg like poles. All of them converge to the central point on the roof. The tent looks really cool and impressive. It is a single-layer structure. Perhaps, the fly is built-in.

The best part is that it is a freestanding structure tent. You can set up it on any terrain and you can also move or backward or even change the direction of the tent as you like. The guylines and stakes are included and it is always better to perfectly stake down the tent to the ground for stability.

There are two doors available in the tent. Both doors are with mesh and panels and with different designs. One one of them is a D-shaped door and the other one is an inverted T-shaped zippered door. They are huge enough that you can easily get inside and outside of the tent.

You can also check out Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person hinged door tent where two doors are also available and one of them is a hinged door. When you look around there are seven huge windows all around the tent. They are with mesh, zippers and rain protection panels.

The peak height of the tent is 6 ft 5 in which is around 1.96 m. Therefore, campers can comfortably stand inside of this cabin style family instant setup tent. Apart from that, there is a room divider available that becomes very useful when you have to separate a large big spacious room into two different rooms.

The room divider attaches to the side walls through some toggles and loops. It has a central zipper and can be rolled up and fixed on the ceiling.

3. Person Capacity

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

When you have completely pitched the Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent then you get floor dimensions as 14 ft x 10 ft or we can say 4.3 m x 3 m. The declared person accommodation of this tent is up to eight-person. Let’s find out the reality. It offers 140 sq. ft. i.e. 12.9 sq. m. of tent floor area. Therefore, you get 17.5 sq. ft. or we can also say 1.61 sq. m. of floor area per person.

You must keep in mind that there is no external stitch option is available here. This tent doesn’t offer the vestibule area. The tent is huge enough to accommodate two full-size queen beds. As we already said that a room divider is also available that separates a large spacious room into two different rooms.

Therefore, the room dividers work as a great option to enhance privacy when there are two couples or a group having two different genders people are camping together. The doors and huge windows are also closeable in order to maintain privacy. If you fit two full-size queen size beds in each of the two rooms then there will no more space left inside to keep the camping gears and other stuff.

Therefore, it will be more preferable to use bunk beds for kids and a queen-sized bed. It will maintain some space left inside. Hence, the Coleman eight person instant cabin two-room tent 14 ft x 10 ft stands as a good option for summer family camping including parents with up to four kids. Otherwise, the group is on an open-air gathering then you can easily carry this tent.

Coleman 8 Person Instant family Tent

4. Ventilation

It is a cabin-style tent then we can say you will not be going to suffer any huge ventilation issues. The Coleman eight-person two-room cabin tent truly stands on this statement. There are seven huge windows given for the proper in and out of the air throughout the tent. It becomes very beneficial when you are camping in summers.

The windows are with mesh panels that ensure prevention from insects, mosquitoes, and other outer elements. There are two doors also available which you can keep open to enhance the proper ventilation throughout the tent. These openings also act as a good medium for the entrance of natural light inside the tent.

Apart from that, there are two vents also available. All these allow proper breathing and constant flow of fresh air. However, when it is raining outside then you may find some problems. This is a single layer tent and there is no mesh ceiling. You will have to close all the openings like windows and doors.

Don’t worry they are with rain protection panels but the fly is integrated and doesn’t provide any vestibule area. You may find problems when you have to cook and it is raining outside. Therefore, we recommend to not use this tent in the camping place where rain happens a lot.

5. Weather Resistance

The Coleman 8 person instant cabin two-room tent 14 x 10 ft is a reliable three-season tent and it comes with heavy-duty materials. This tent is a single layer type and a built-in integrated fly. You can also improve the waterproofness of the roof by ordering and using a separate fly. There are rain protection panels from inside on all the windows.

The mess layer is on the outer side and zippers are available on the panels. At the outside parts, flaps are given as well. The vertical and horizontal flaps are good enough to resist a bit of rain and winds.

Don’t forget that this is a tall tent. The tent walls are almost two meters long. Therefore, it will act as a hurdle against the horizontal winds. This tent is not suitable for heavy winds. The Coleman 8-person two-room cabin tent can easily sustain in mild weather conditions. If you are planning to camp in winter season then we have listed the best options in the list of top 10 best winter tent with stove jack.

6. Fabric Material

The Coleman 8 person family cabin tent is a waterproof tent and there are good quality durable materials that are used here which makes it a reliable tent option in mild weather camping. The tent floor comes with WeatherTec patented system which means welded floors.

Therefore, you can understand how durable the floor seals are because it is a plastic welding type. The poles are very durable and heavy-duty. The roof poles are 12 mm and the main six telescopic poles are 16 mm. The tent fabric is a durable double thick rugged poly guard tent fabric. However, we recommend to not use this tent in heavy winter, rainy and windy conditions. Otherwise, it is a top-quality option in summer camping.

7. Storage Options and Warranty Period

The Coleman 8P cabin 14 ft x 10 ft cabin tent provides only two small mesh pockets. They are useful to keep small camping stuff or other belongings like keys, flashlights, etc. The company has given a year warranty on the Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent. Don’t forget about the expandable carry bag.

This expandability of the carry bag helps a lot when you are in a hurry and not have much time to pack the tent to the smallest possible. For ease of transportation, apart from zipper two straps are also given.

How to Setup Coleman 8 Person Instant Family Tent?

Setup of Coleman 8 person tent is very easy. Follow the below images to set up your tent.

  1. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent setup 1
  2. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent setup 2
  3. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent setup 3
  4. Coleman 8-Person Tent setup

Our Verdict

When it comes to summer family camping, the Coleman eight person instant cabin tent performs very well. Whether we talk about the tent space, ventilation, structure, waterproofness, weather resistance, and fabric material used, the Coleman 8 person two-room 14 ft x 10 ft tent is counted among the best summer family camping tents. You can also check out the Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review.

Don’t forget about its instant setup mechanism. The frame is pre-attached and telescopic poles are used here. The tent can be easily set-up in two minutes. It is a single layer tent where the fly is integrated. You can purchase and fix an external rainfly to make it more resistant to the rain.


The Coleman eight person instant cabin tent is among the best summer family camping tents. It comes with almost all required features that are must in a family camping tent. One thing you must notice is its reasonable price. If you are planning for family camping including parents with a maximum of four kids then you can buy this tent to make an unforgettable camping experience.

Don’t use this tent in heavy rain or winter conditions. Comment below your questions and queries popping up in your mind and let us resolve them. Stay tuned with us for more great camping tent reviews and other camping stuff.

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