Coleman Evanston 8 Person Dome Tent Review

Are you confused about purchasing the Coleman Evanston 8 camping tent? This time is yours because below we have a detailed review of Coleman Evanston’s eight-person dome tent. By the end, we are sure that you will know whether you should buy Coleman Evanston 8 person tent or not! The Coleman Evanston 8 tent is a double layer structure dome style tent that comes with a hinged door, two awnings, two mesh windows, and Coleman’s WeatherTec system.

We will be going to discuss various factors of this tent including packed size and weight, tent setup, structure, hinged door, person capacity, awnings, ventilation, weather resistance, fabric material, storage options, the warranty period. Make sure to read the below review completely in order to not miss any important information and updates.

Coleman Evanston 8 Family Dome Tent

Coleman Evanston 8 Family Dome Tent

Features of Coleman Evanston 8 Person Family Tent

  • Easy setup
  • Double layer tent
  • Two awnings
  • Partial coverage fly
  • Hinged door
  • 144 sq. ft of floor area
  • 76 in peak height
  • E-port
  • Several storage pockets
  • Expandable carry bag
  • Two mesh windows
  • Affordable price

  • Liveable tent

  • Summer family camping tent

  • 15 min. setup

  • Eye-catching looks

  • WeatherTec system

  • Welded seams

  • Fiberglass poles

  • No vents

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Family Dome Tent Review & Buying Guide

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Family Dome Tent Review & Buying Guide

Below, we have a healthy and detailed discussion on various factors of Coleman’s Evanston tent that makes it a perfect summer family camping tent. Keep in mind that it’s another tent variant is also available that comes with a screen room.┬áBy the end, you will get the complete frame that whether the Coleman Evanston 8 person dome-style tent is a good option for you or not.

1. Packed Size and Weight

In the packed conditions, its dimensions measure as 28.5 in x 10.5 in x 10 in or we can say 72 cm x 27 cm x 25 cm. This tent weighs around 24.49 lb i.e. 11.1 kg. This is a large tent for family camping. It is obvious that it is a heavyweight tent. The best way to carry this tent to the camping location is to get car access. It will be a good option for family car camping.

You just need to select a camping site where a car is accessible. Due to its packed size and weight, you will need to analyze the space in your car. If your car is already packed with campers, camping bags, and gears then the best option is to place the packed tent on the roof of your car. If your car is parked far from the camping site then you can divide the weight and carry the tent to the camping site.

2. Tent Setup

The tent setup part is not a big deal here because it is a family camping tent. The Coleman has designed the entire tent for family camping purpose. There are a total of five fiberglass poles. These are lightweight poles. Three of the poles are used for pitching the dome structure of the tent. The remaining two poles are used for the front and back awnings.

The Coleman has featured their patented pin-and-ring system to attach the poles to the tent. It has a snag-free continuous pole system. Therefore, the tent setup is so easy that one person alone can set up this tent in just 15 minutes. It is not a freestanding structure because of the front awning. You have to securely stake it down using the fiberglass poles.

3. Structure

Once you completely pitch this tent successfully, it looks really awesome and eye-catching. Our tent looks really fantastic in green and white color combination. This tent attains dimensions measure as 12 ft x 12 ft or we can say 3.66 m x 3.66 m. It is a dome structure tent with awnings on the front and backside of the tent.

Actually, it is a double-layer structure. You have an inner tent and a rainfly. The rainfly doesn’t cover the entire tent. This tent offers a partial coverage fly. It is quite good for summer camping. You can enjoy unobstructed views from the windows. Check HERE our detailed guide on types of tents for camping. It is a tall dome tent. The peak height of this tent is 76 in or we can say 193 cm.

4. Hinged Door

Another highlight of this tent is the hinged door. This type of door is best than the zippered doors because you don’t have to use zippers on the door all the time. Actually, it has poles along the perimeter of the door. This is a semi-rigid structure and quite impressive. You can also check Coleman weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent where two doors are available and one of them is a hinged door.

5. Person Capacity

When selecting a tent, you must never ignore the declared person capacity of the tent. This gives you an idea about how many people a tent can accommodate. By considering the structure and space inside, you understand how many campers can comfortably sleep inside. In the case of Coleman Evanston 8 person tent, it offers 144 sq. ft i.e. 13.4 sq. m. of area. The declared person capacity for this tent is eight people. Therefore, you get 18 sq. ft of area person. However, it is not appropriate for a comfortable experience for eight people inside.

The inner tent is spacious enough to accommodate two queen size beds. For eight people, it will be a good option during a music festival night or a small meet-up. It is a single room structure. From the family camping perspective, it will be a good option for the parents with up to four kids.


6. The Awnings

When you put the rainfly on the tent, it creates two awnings on the front and backside of the tent with the help of two fiberglass poles. Therefore, you have two awning areas with this tent. These awnings area plays a vital role in protection against pouring. Apart from that, you can use this area to keep your dirty shoes and other footwear.

This will protect your inner tent from getting dirty. Hence, your family will be able to sleep comfortably inside, read more here. You can also store some suitable camping gear under the awnings.

7. Ventilation

This is a family tent for summer camping. Therefore, you will not be going to face any ventilation or condensation issues. There are two windows positioned on opposite sides. The best thing is that they have mesh panels. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any bugs or mosquitoes. You can check out tips to keep mosquitoes away while camping. However, you may feel the absence of vents here. You can keep the hinged door open for maximum air circulation. You will notice that fly is high on the other two sides allowing enhanced ventilation.

8. Weather Resistance

You can use this tent for a maximum of two seasons. The fly design and awnings may be an obstruction against vertical winds. Therefore, don’t use this tent in heavy winds. The mesh openings are quite good for maximum air circulation around the tent. Hence, the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent is a family camping tent for summers.

9. Fabric Material

The company has doesn’t give any information about the fabric material used for this tent. They also don’t have given any details about waterproof ratings but they have mentioned Coleman’s WeatherTec system. Therefore, there are inverted seams and floor seams are welded. The tent floor is a bathtub style. No doubts, it will be highly waterproof. As per our experience, the fabric appears to be a polyester taffeta 75D.

10. Add-on storage options

When it comes to a family camping, the tent must have good storage options because of lots of stuff. In the case of Coleman Evanston 8 person camping tent, it offers several storage pockets on the wall. Therefore, you can keep your small belongings like flashlights, smartphone, keys, and other small stuff in these pockets. Campers can also use the awning area to store some gears.

Another good feature is the availability of e-port. It allows the campers to get the electricity benefit if accessible at the camping place. The expandable carry bag allows you to easily carry the tent with you. It becomes very beneficial because you can easily place your tent when you no time to properly fold the tent to the smallest.

11. Warranty Period

The company is providing a one-year limited warranty on the Coleman Evanston 8-person dome-style family camping tent. This summer family tent is an amazing option available at an affordable price. It will be a fantastic option whether you are in group camping, family camping or fishing, hiking, etc.



The Coleman Evanston 8 person camping tent is a family tent for summer camping. It offers 144 sq. ft of floor area. This is a double layer structure dome style tent that features two awnings. The hinged door and Coleman’s WeatherTec system are some other major highlights of this tent. Mesh areas around the tent allow excellent ventilation throughout the tent. The ping and ring system allows the easy setup. One person can set up this tent in just 15 minutes. Comments below what you think about it. Share your vision with us. Stay tuned with us for more detailed regular camping tents reviews.

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