Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Are you confused about Coleman 6 person instant cabin tent? Well, in this article we reviewed Coleman 6 person instant cabin tent. It has been more than 6 years that Coleman 6 person instant cabin tent is available in the market. Even today, this tent is so much popular among campers that it never makes them unsatisfied. There are multiple features available in this tent that makes it a one-stop solution for a camping tent requirement.

It doesn’t really depend whether you are camping for the first time or an experienced camper because you can set-up the tent very easily in around one minute. We have also got our hands on the Coleman 6-person instant tent and we had a great experience with it. The performance and durability of the tent are quite impressive.

Based on our experience and research, we have completely reviewed every important factor about this tent. We are pretty much sure that by the end of this article you will get a complete idea of whether the Coleman 6 person cabin tent is a good option or you need to look for other tents.

We have also discussed various factors of this tent-like setup time, structure, person accommodation, ventilation, weather protection, fabric material, and warranty followed by pros and cons. So, let’s begin…

Features of Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Single-layer design.
  3. Instant easy setup.
  4. 2 roof vents.
  5. Rain-fly built-in.
  6. Huge windows.
  7. 2 small mesh pockets.
  8. Frame structure.
  9. 90 sq. ft. tent floor area.
  10. 6 ft 2 in peak height.
  • Tall tent.

  • Perfect for small families.

  • 150D polyester.

  • WeatherTec patented system.

  • 3 season tent.

  • Proper ventilation.

  • Not for heavy winds.

  • Few storage options.

  • No vestibules.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

1. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent Set-up

The first thing and the main highlight of the tent is its price tag. This is a very affordable cabin style tent that you will really like. The Coleman six-person instant cabin tent weighs around 24.9 lb or we can say 11.3 Kg.

The reason behind the heavyweight of the tent is the presence of strong materials used in it which we discuss below. When this tent is packed then it attains the dimensions as 48 inches x 9 inches (L x D).

Therefore, you will need to analyze the space in your car. Due to its heavyweight, this tent is not for long distances. Basically, you have to camp on the car access location.

This tent is completed devoted to its title – instant cabin tent. This tent can be set-up on the ground within a few seconds. If you are camping for the first time then you may take a few minutes.

On the other side, an experienced camper will be able to set up in around sixty seconds i.e. in around one minute. The biggest reason behind the easy set-up of the tent is its frame structure. All the four side poles along with the roof poles are pre-attached to the tent.

Moreover, there is a clip system in all of the four side poles. All the four poles are very similar like telescopic trekking poles. Therefore, once you extend it completely, you will find the clip popping out. Here, the poles will be locked at an adequate length.

2. Structure

When you have successfully completed the set-up procedure of the tent. You will find the Coleman six-person instant cabin tent looking very attractive and awesome. You get a freestanding structure of the tent. Thus, you can move the tent-like any box and rotate its direction as well accordingly.

On the front side, there is a large door and it also consists of huge windows on all sides of the tent. This tent looks really tall and its wall is also tall from inside of the tent. You will find nearly vertical walls and huge windows.

This is a single layer tent. Another highlight of Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is that the fly is built-in. However, there is no mesh on tent walls. On the other side, the windows and the door are with zippers and flaps.

3. Person Accommodation

The company claims that this tent can easily accommodate six-person. After the successful setup of the tent, it offers a tent floor area of 90 sq. ft. i.e. 8.4 sq. m. Therefore, if we talk about the tent floor area per person then you get around 15 sq. ft per person i.e. 1.4 square meters per person tent floor area.

This tent is a square room construction. There are no room dividers are included in the tent. Therefore, if there is a single-family or friends group then this tent is good for you. However, two families or two couples will need to look for other options for privacy concerns.

The peak height of the tent is around 6 ft 2 inches i.e. 1.88 m. So, if campers are taller then they can comfortably stand inside it.

The Coleman 6 person Instant tent attains the dimensions as 10 ft x 9 ft i.e. 305 cm x 274 cm. As per our experience, this tent will best fit for a family of a maximum of two parents and their two kids. The company claims that two queens sized beds can be easily inserted inside the tent.

However, it is not so practical because queen size beds have integrated side tables (like Coleman queen size camping bed, its width is around 1.5 m) therefore, it is not practically possible to insert two queen-sized beds.

Don’t worry, the bunk beds can be a great alternative to queen-sized beds. You can easily fit one set of bunk beds for kids and one set for adults. Still, you will get around the one-meter wide corridor in between them. Therefore, two parents and two kids’ families can easily opt for Coleman 6 person instant cabin tent. You may also like to read about Coleman weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent review here.

4. Ventilation

As we already said that this tent comes with huge windows on the walls of the tent that works really best for proper ventilation and also a great medium to get the natural light inside of the tent.

For a family and a fully packed tent, the ventilation is really very important. For proper and in and out the flow of breathing, the windows work really well. However, keep in mind that there is no mesh on tent walls or other openings. You may also like the Bushnell shield series 11′ x 9′ instant cabin tent review.

Therefore, you will need to keep open the windows for ventilation. This will not work well in windy or rainy conditions when you will need to close the openings.

To enhance the ventilation in the tent, the company has given two vents on the rood which are quite good from the ventilation perspective. But some words can be worse in rainy or windy weather conditions.

5. Weather Protection

From the weather protection core side, the Coleman 6P instant cabin tent performs very well. This is a typical three-season tent. Moreover, this is a single layer tent and built-in waterproof as well.

Another highlight of the tent is that it comes with the WeatherTec patented system. Therefore, in the Coleman 6P cabin style tent, you will find inverted seams and welded floors.

This tent is quite durable when we talk about its tent floor quality. There is plastic welding is used in the tent floor that ensures most durable seals which do not deteriorate in time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry even a bit about its welded floor technology.

On the other side, the inverted seams add-ons durability to the tent. Such that two pieces of fabric are seamed then folded it on itself. Behind that, the second seam will be added.

6. Fabric Material

The 150D Polyester is used in the fabric which is a quite advantage here. There is not much information is available from the manufacturer’s side. It comes with fully taped inverted waterproof seams. Therefore, this tent will be able to resist the water. It will keep you dry in rainy conditions.

But we highly recommend not to use it in a heavy rain climate. We can say that this is a three-season tent. It gives you the best results in a mild weather climate. We highly recommend to not use it in heavy rain or windy conditions.

7. Storage Options

Some add-on storage options are really helpful when you want to keep your keys or other small belongings safe from getting lost at night. However, there are only two small mesh pockets that are available inside the Coleman six-person instant cabin tent.

8. Warranty Period

The company has given a limited one year warranty on the Coleman 6 person instant cabin tent. This tent has gained popularity due to its durability and the strong material used.


The Coleman 6 person an instant cabin tent is a great option when you are planning for camping with car access. This tent comes with awesome features that are really very helpful while camping. The use of WeatherTec patented system, welded floors and inverted seams ensure weather protection. This is a single-layer tent and the availability of huge windows allows proper ventilation even when the tent is fully packed.

There are two roof vents also available for ventilation. The price of the tent is really good that makes the Coleman 6P instant cabin tent affordable. Don’t forget to comment below your thoughts and if you have any experience with the Coleman six-person cabin tent then do comment below. Stay tuned.

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