Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review

Are you looking for a good 10 person tent? This guide is based on the most demanding review of the Coleman weathermaster 10 Person 2-room hinged door tent. It is a very good option when someone wishes for family camping in winter. If you are confused that whether you should buy the Coleman weathermaster ten-person hinged door tent or not?

Then this healthy guide is completely dedicated to you. Moreover, it will also be going to help those who are in search of the best summer camping tent. Yeah! The Coleman weathermaster ten-person tent is among one of the best family camping tents in summers. You will find a great and brief explanation in the below review.

Based on our experience and research, we have completely reviewed every important factor about this tent. We are pretty much sure that by the end of this article you will get a complete idea of whether the Coleman weathermaster 10 Person tent is a good option or you need to look for other tents.

We have also discussed various factors of this tent-like setup time, structure, person accommodation, ventilation, weather protection, fabric material, tent poles and warranty followed by pros and cons. Therefore, make sure to give a complete reading to the below article to get every important information.

Features of Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

Features of Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

  • Partial mesh ceiling
  • 140 sq. ft tent floor area
  • 80 in peak height
  • Hinged door
  • Six mesh windows
  • WeatherTec system
  • Two doors
  • Expandable carry bag
  • Electrical access port
  • Bathtub floor
  • Room divider
  • Best summer camping tent

  • Excellent ventilation

  • Two rooms

  • Durable steel poles

  • Tall tent

  • Great price

  • Limited gear pockets

  • Heavyweight

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review

1. Tent Setup

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person tent is one of the best hybrid cabin-tunnel family tent available out there. The Coleman brand has introduced several family camping tents and the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person tent is one of them.

In the packed conditions, it measures dimensions as 30.3 in x 10.2 in x 10.2 in or we can say 77 cm x 26 cm x 26 cm and weighs around 31 lb i.e. 14.1 Kg. The main reason behind this is that it comes with good quality steel poles. Well! The tent is heavyweight as it is a family camping tent. You will need car access for the seamless transportation of the tent to the camping destination.

Meanwhile, you will need to check whether the car is accessible in the selected camping destination. When done then you have to first analyze the space in your car. If your car is packed with a good number of campers, camping bags, and several gears then it will be a good decision to place the tent on the roof of the car.

The pitching of Coleman weathermaster ten-person tent is pretty easier then it looks. There are color-coded poles and sleeves which indirectly helps a lot in setting up. It is a hybrid tent.

Therefore, the fly is not of full coverage. It also saves a lot of time in setting up the fly. It requires to simply put the fly across the top then attach with the main poles. For better stability, the fly needs to be properly staked down by using the guylines provided. We realized that two-person can set up this tent in approx twenty-five minutes.

Well, if you are a first-time camper then here we have great advice for you to practice setting up the tent in the backyard before heading towards the camping destination. You will get experience and proper knowledge of where and how to set up the poles.

2. Structure

When you successfully set up this tent, the very first look of the tent is cool, attractive, and eye-catching. We really liked the structure of the tent. The tent walls are big because of its straight poles. That’s why it is a cabin-style tent but at the same time, the three loops on the roof offer a tunnel style to the tent. The fly is with partial coverage. Hence, it is a cabin-tunnel style hybrid tent.

There are two doors provided here. Both are on the opposite sides. The first one is the hinged door. It is very rigid and quite easy to use. You are safe from facing hassle with zippers all the time. On the opposite side, this door has a slightly different shape. It is without the frame.

When you look around, there is a total of six windows available inside the tent. There are two separate windows on the two wide sides, two windows on the narrow side of the tent, and two windows are on the doors.

The two narrow windows are under the shoulder like structure offering some protection. The best thing is that all of them are double-layer structure. That means there is mesh plus zippered panels. The peak height of the tent is around 80 inches or we can say 203 cm. It is a tall tent. The walls are tall. Campers can comfortably stand inside of the tent.

3. Person Capacity

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review

The Coleman weathermaster hybrid door tent on the setup completion, the tent floor attains dimensions as 17 ft x 9 ft or we can say 518 cm x 274 cm. Hence, you get the tent floor area at 140 sq. ft. i.e 13 sq. m. There are three queen-sized beds can be fit inside the tent. The declared person capacity of the Coleman weathermaster hybrid door tent is ten people.

However, in practice, it is not realistic at all. There is no external storage space available here. We are sure that you are camping with a number of campers and as of course, you will have camping bags and other gears as well.

You can put ten narrow sleeping pads on the floor. Therefore, everyone will need to adjust. Hence, you may face a space problem here when fully packed. Therefore, while planning for camping it will best to go with up to six-person. If you need some recommendations, then we will prefer to use bunk camping cots. Because still, you will get some space left.

There is a room divider also present inside the tent. You can use to cut the large spacious one room into two separate rooms. Well, the room divider plays a vital role in privacy when there are two couples, two families, or a group with different genders who are camping together. Apart from the room divider, you can enhance privacy using the windows and doors. If you’re 6 person, then you may like to read a review of Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent or Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

Because they all are with mesh and zippered panels. They can be closed. As per our experience, it will be a comfortable experience for a family of parents with up to four kids. On the other hand, if there are very fewer campers then one room can be used to keep the camping gear, bags, and other equipment and one can be used as a sleeping room.

4. Ventilation

From the ventilation perspective, the Coleman weathermaster ten people two-room hybrid door tent is a very good selection. You will not be going to face any issues regarding ventilation inside the tent. This tent is equipped with a partial mesh ceiling. Therefore, you can put away the fly whenever required. Apart from that, there are a total of six good-sized windows.

There are two separate windows on the two wide sides, two windows on the narrow side of the tent and two windows are on the doors. The two narrow windows are under the shoulder like structure offering some protection.

All the windows on the wide sides, narrow sides and doors are double layered. Windows are with mesh layer and zippered panels. The good thing is that there is also a vent available at the bottom. Therefore, we can say that the ventilation is not a problem in the Coleman weathermaster ten-person two-room tent.

Don’t forget it is a cabin-style tent. You can keep the windows and doors open for the maximum air circulation. The mesh ceiling is very useful to throw the hot air from the tent. These openings like windows, doors and mesh ceiling also work as a great medium to insert the natural light inside of the tent.

5. The Fabric Material

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

The Coleman weathermaster 10P hinged door two-room tent is a very durable and heavy-duty tent. The title of the tent says, weather master. Yeah! It is the master of weather. Jokes Apart! The walls of the tent are polyester taffeta 75D fabric.

The fabric used is quite durable. Well! It is a summer family camping tent. More perfectly, we can say this tent is perfect for two seasons warm-weather camping.

The rainfly used here is also polyester taffeta 75D fabric. This tent can easily sustain in light rain and winds. But, we hardly recommend to not use it in winter weather because you will never be going to get pleasant experience in winters. For winters, you can select the best four-season tent. You can check our list of top 10 best winter tents with stove jack HERE.

6. Weather Resistance

coleman weathermaster 10 person family tent

As we already said that the Coleman weather master 10P two-room tent is perfect for two seasons warm-weather camping. This tent will give the best comfortable experience in early spring, late autumn and summers. The walls of the tent come with a 450mm waterproof rating along with PU coating. The umbrella has a waterproof rating of 400 mm – 500 mm. Hence, you get an idea of its waterproofness.

The rainfly also comes with waterproof ratings as 450mm and with PU coating as well. The waterproof rating is not so much good but it can easily sustain in light rain. Don’t worry you will not be going to wet in light rain. The tent comes with inverted seams to increase weather resistance. The manufacturer also declared about the WeatherTec system.

The tent floor is 1000D polyethylene construction. The floor is a bathtub style and is a sort of durable plastic. The corners are factory welded. Apart from that the covered zippers and protected seams also play a vital role in keeping the water and other elements out and water leakage prevention. The 1000D polyethylene floor will keep you safe from the groundwater.

The Coleman weathermaster two-room hinged door tent stands as an unbeatable option for summer family camping by offering excellent ventilation. Instead of summer camping if your goal is for winter camping then this tent is not for you. Overall, the Coleman 10 Person weathermaster tent is a good summer camping tent. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is also similar to this tent.

7. The Poles

The poles of the tent can never be underestimated because they are like the base of stability and durability of the tent. There are three loops that offer it a tunnel style are durable steel. The roof and side poles are also durable steel poles. The frame of the hinged door is fiberglass. The two brow poles above the windows are also fiberglass. The company declares that this tent can sustain in 35+ mph wind speed.

8. Add-On Storage Options

There are not enough interior gear pockets available inside of the tent. Still, you can keep your small belongings like keys, flashlight and some other small miscellaneous stuff inside the gear pockets safe from getting lost at night. The good thing is that this tent offers an electrical access port that becomes very useful if the electricity is accessible in your camping area.

9. Warranty

The company has given a one-year limited warranty on the Coleman weathermaster ten-person hinged door two-room family tent. This tent comes with an expandable carry bag that allows you to tear away the rip strip for easy packing of the tent. It is a quite big cabin-tunnel hybrid tent for ten-person. This stands as an unbeatable option for summer camping. The pricing of the tent is also very good. You can check the below link to view on Amazon.


Above, we have a great healthy discussion on the Coleman weathermaster ten people hinged door two-room family camping tent. This camping tent from Coleman is a very durable summer family camping tent. This is a cabin-tunnel hybrid structure that comes with excellent ventilation.

The availability of two doors, partial mesh ceiling and a total of six windows ensure proper air circulation throughout the tent. It is the best family camping tent which is perfectly suitable for camping in late spring, early autumn, and summers. The waterproof rating of the fly and walls is 450mm which is a minimum waterproof rating.

We are sure that you will not be going to use it in heavy rain conditions. Comment below what you think about it. Also, share your thoughts, questions, queries below in the comments. We will resolve all your queries. Stay tuned with us for more best camping tent reviews. Keep reading and have a nice day.

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