Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Family camping tent must be an ideal camping tent that must be spacious, with rooms, excellent ventilation, storage options, instant setup, good quality fabric, and with an adequate waterproof rating like features. All of these features are available in core 12 person instant cabin tent. Well! If you are in search of a family tent-like these above must-have features then here we have good news for you.

Right now, you are going to read a completely honest review of the Core 12 person instant setup cabin family tent that comes with three rooms structure and is equipped with every must-have family tent features.

Features of Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Features of Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

1. Instant Setup.
2. Freestanding.
3. Seven mesh windows.
4. Two doors.
5. Waterproof.
6. Mesh ceiling.
7. Electricity port.
8. Gear loft.
9. Four storage pockets.
10. Polyethylene floor.

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review


1. Tent Setup

The Core twelve-person tent is a good option for family camping or camping with group members of up to 12. For a family camping tent, instant setup is a must feature and the Core 12 person tent comes with instant setup.

In the packed conditions, it has dimensions as 51 in x 12 in i.e. 130 cm x 30 cm. The tent package weighs around 52.55 lb or we can say 23.84 Kg. Hence, it will require you to analyze the space in your car because of its heavyweight you cannot carry it with you alone for long distances. Therefore, you will need to plan a camping place where the car can be accessed.

For ease of transportation, you can keep the tent on the roof of the car. As we already revealed that it is an instant camping tent. Actually, its frame is pre-attached to the tent and it has telescopic poles.

You just need to unfold the tent and extend its telescopic poles until you hear a ticking sound and the button appears on the pole which means that the telescopic pole is fully extended.

The tent setup procedure is so easy and quickly such that one person can easily set up the tent in just two minutes. Therefore, if you are camping for the first time with your family in summer vacations then you can reliably select the Core 12 person instant cabin tent.

2. Structure

On the completion of the tent setup, you get a tall cabin style tent. On the very first look, it seems really impressive and eye-catching. You get a freestanding structure of the tent. Thus, you can move the tent-like any box and rotate its direction as well accordingly. It has huge vertical steep walls and looks like a big box.

There is a huge double door at the front that comes with an inverted T-shaped zipper. Inside the tent, the eight vertical poles are connected to the roof poles and it attains the structure like a giant spider. Jokes apart! On the highest point of the tent, the roof poles converge to the center and it features a hub structure.

There is another D-shaped door with a window parallel to it. When you look around, you find seven huge windows all around the tent and there are two room dividers that are also present. These two-room dividers give the tent a three-room structure. When you roll the room dividers to the sides, you get a very huge space inside the tent.

Apart from that, there are two adjustable air intake vents that are also available on both sides of the tent and they are located close to the tent floor. You can easily add the rainfly on the roof when required.

The peak height of the tent is 80 inches which is around 2.03 m. Therefore, campers can comfortably stand inside of this cabin style family instant setup tent.

3. Person Accommodation

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

From the title, it is very clear that this is a family cabin style tent for up to 12 people and the declared person capacity of the tent from the manufacturer side is also twelve people. Let’s check out about reality.

Once, you completely set up the tent, it attains the dimensions as 18 ft x 10 ft i.e. around 216 in x 120 in. The Core 12 person instant cabin tent offers 180 sq. ft i.e. 16.7 sq. m. tent floor area. Therefore, you get 15 sq. ft which is 1. 39 sq. m. of floor area per person.

Hence, you can understand how much area every person can expect when there is a total of twelve people camping together. Well! It is hard enough but can be a good choice for a quick night’s stay.

Keep in mind that if you are camping with your family then you will also be carrying some camping bags and equipment too. Then there is no external storage option here. Hence, it will be very comfortable if you plan to camp with less number of campers then declared. This tent offers a three-room structure.

We can pretty much say that both side rooms can be used as sleeping rooms and the central room can be used as a living area when the room dividers are being used. Hence, this tent is best for parents with two kids or for two couples camping together. If you are looking for 6 person instant cabin tents, then checkout Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review.

Another reason is that you can close all the openings like windows and doors as they are with zippers. Even the room dividers can be used for privacy when two families, two couples or mixed gender group is camping together.

There are three queen-sized beds that can be easily used inside the tent. However, we recommend that instead of mattresses, it will be better sleeping off the ground, on cots because you still have a lot of storage space under the cots and you can keep a lot of stuff there.

4. Ventilation

As we already said that it is a cabin-style tent then you will not be going face any issues with proper ventilation. Even for a family tent ventilation is a must and this completely applies to the Core 12P instant cabin style family three rooms tent. There are seven huge windows are available. They are with mesh and zippers but they are no no-see-um mesh.

Both doors two have windows with mesh and zippers. The Core 12P instant cabin tent has a whole mesh ceiling. Therefore, you can understand the flow of air in and out. It allows for excellent ventilation throughout the tent.

It also has two adjustable air intake vents on both sides of the tent and located close to the floor. These vents are very helpful to insert cool air from outside and flow out the hot air through the mesh ceiling. The guylines can also be used to stake them.

5. Fabric Material

Both tent and the fly are polyester 68D with a 600 mm waterproofness rating. This waterproof rating is moderate but still not enough. The umbrella has a waterproof rating of 400 mm – 500 mm. Hence, you get an idea of its waterproofness. All the openings like windows and doors are with waterproof polyester panels.

The Core 12P cabin family tent has H20 block technology such that for faster run-off, water repellent fabric with active bead technology is used here. The tent floor is standard polyethylene that makes it waterproof. Moreover, there are sealed seams and rain-resistant seals.

Therefore, this tent will be able to resist the water. It will keep you dry in rainy conditions. But we highly recommend not to use it in a heavy rain climate. We can say that this is a three-season tent. It gives you the best results in a mild weather climate. We highly recommend to not use it in heavy rain or windy conditions.

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent for family

6. Weather Resistance

The Core twelve-person cabin tent is a three-season tent and therefore, the whole ceiling is mesh. This tent arrives as an unbeatable option for family camping in hot summers as you get proper ventilation throughout the whole tent which will don’t get you to warm. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent and Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent are also similar to this tent. This tent comes with steel poles and the cabin style structure offers good stability to the tent.

As we already discussed that The tent and the fly are polyester 68D with a 600 mm waterproofness rating. Hence, it is quite enough for light rain or wind conditions. However, if you are planning for camping in harsh weather situations then you can look for other tent options like four-season tents. Even, the tall vertical walls will be an obstacle for side winds.

7. Storage Options

For the storage options, there is only a gear loft is on the topmost center of the tent and four hanging storage pockets are also available to keep your small belongings safe from getting lost at night. The pockets available are very small. There is an electricity port that is also available to take advantage of when electricity can be accessible at the camping place.

8. Warranty Period

The company has given a limited one year warranty on the Core 12 person instant cabin tent. This tent has gained popularity due to its durability and the strong material used.

  • H20 block technology.

  • 180 sq. ft tent floor area.

  • 80 in peak height.

  • Excellent ventilation.

  • Three rooms structure.

  • Three season tent.

  • Two vents.

  • Pre-attached frame.

  • Limited one year warranty.

  • Not suitable in heavy winds and rain.


We conclude that the Core 12 Person tent is an unbeatable option for family camping in summer vacations. It has a 3-room structure along with seven huge windows, two doors, and two vents that allow excellent ventilation throughout the tent. The tent floor area is 180 sq. ft, and it is quite enough for family camping of parents with two kids or two couples or groups. It has a 600mm waterproof rating that means it is durable in light rain and steel poles strong enough to resist moderate winds. All openings are with mesh and zippers. Share your valuable vision with us in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more tent reviews.

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