Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent Review

The Core 9 person extended dome-style tent is an aesthetics enriched summer family camping tent that comes with all required features for a comfortable summer camping experience. Finally, we got our hands on it and we are ready for a detailed review of this tent. We will be going to review this tent based on several aspects including the tent structure, setup procedure and time, person accommodation, ventilation, fabric material, weather resistance, storage options, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for an in-depth review of the Core 9 person instant cabin tent then you are in the right article. By the end, you will have a complete reason for how the Core 9-person extended dome style family camping tent is a great option for your summer camping trips. So, let’s begin with some highlight features of this tent.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Features of Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

  • 144 sq. ft floor area
  • 72 in peak height
  • Gear loft
  • Lantern hanging hook
  • Two mesh windows
  • D-shaped door
  • Easy setup
  • Great price
  • Electric cable port
  • An air-intake vent
  • H20 block technology
  • Lightweight

  • Affordable price

  • Active bead technology

  • Sealed seams

  • Excellent ventilation

  • Several storage pockets

  • Only one door

  • Fiberglass poles

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent 16 x 9 Feet Review

Below, we have a detailed review of the Core 9-person extended dome style tent. We have covered all the features and options that this tent offers. Make sure to give this article a complete reading to not miss any important information and updates.

1. Package Weight and Size

In the packed conditions, its dimensions measure as 27 in x 9 in x 9 in or, we can say 69 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm. The packed tent weighs around 20 lb i.e. 9.07 kg. If we consider the huge size of this tent. Surprisingly, this is a lightweight tent.

The company has well-designed the tent such that it has good size in the packed conditions. You can even carry it with you on a two-wheeler like a motorcycle. If you are planning for a car camping with your friends and family, then this is a good option for you.

2. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent Setup

The Core tents are mostly known for their easy and fast setup. The company tends to do hard-work on bringing the best tent from their firm. Actually, there are a total of five poles come with a tent. They all are fiberglass poles. Fiberglass poles are lightweight but they need care and maintenance. So, you have to be careful while pitching the tent. Two X-shaped poles will be used for the main dome area.

The two poles will be used for creating the extension on the two sides. The last pole is short and is used for the small brim above the door. Therefore, you can understand that this is not a freestanding tent. You have to properly stake it down to the ground in order to make it fully working.

The two X-shaped poles are longer than the two side poles used for extension area on the sides. The main poles are symmetric. Based on our experience, two people will be able to set up the Core 9-person tent in just fifteen minutes.

3. Structure

On the setup completion, you get a very well-designed tent. On the very first, I got a fan of the aesthetics of this tent. It has an elegant and eye-catching design. It is far from those usual family camping cabin style tent. Cabin style tents have huge walls and they look really tall. On the other side, this Core nine-person dome-style tent is the next approach. It has a unique extended dome design. The extensions around its two sides give it is a new level of appreciation.

This is an extended dome style tent with a peak height of 72 in or we can say 183 cm. We said about the peak height. The height decreases when you move to the extended sides. It is obvious in dome style tents. Therefore, keep this mind if you are a tall camper or you need good headroom space in a tent.

On the front side, it has a large D-shaped door. This tent only has a single door. There are a total of two windows available inside the tent. One window is positioned on the opposite side of the door. The second window is positioned on the door itself. The good thing about both windows is that they are with mesh and zippered panels.

This tent is a single room structure. Most of the part of this tent is a single layer design. Some of the upper parts of the tent are mesh. This is a good option for family camping trips. If the weather changes then you can also put the rainfly over it. The rainfly comes with partial coverage. Structure wise, this is a good tent for family camping.

4. Person Capacity

Core 9 Person Dome Tent Person Capacity

This tent attains dimensions measure as 16 ft x 9 ft or, we can say 192 in x 108 in. Therefore, you get 144 sq. ft i.e. 13.4 sq. m. of floor area. The declared person capacity of this tent is nine people. Hence, you get 16 sq. ft or, we can say 1.48 sq. m. of area per person. Well! You can fit nine sleeping pads inside of the tent easily. There are no external storage options like a vestibule or closet.

Therefore, it will be fine if you are friends at a summer festival and just need to spend the night. Even the company has used the backpacking principle to determine the capacity.

The tent is spacious enough to fit three queen size beds but you will not get any area remaining. Specifically, if we talk about family camping then you will need some space to store your camping bags, gears, and essentials. Since there are no external storage options available. This is a family camping tent for parents with up to three kids. If you are car camping then you can also store some stuff inside the tent for a more comfortable camping experience. You can check a detailed guide on how to plan a successful family camping trip.


5. Ventilation

For a family camping trip, we need a tent with good ventilation qualities. The Core nine-person extended dome style family camping trip completely proves it. As we already, said that this tent comes with a large D-shaped door. There are two good-sized windows available. One is on the opposite side of the window and another window is positioned on the door.

The best thing about both the windows is that they are double layered. The first layer meshes and the second layer is the zippered panels. You don’t have to worry about the insects or bugs getting inside of your tent because the mesh panels will keep them out. The zippered panels can be used to enhance privacy.

Both windows can be opened to allow the air circulation inside the tent. Apart from that, they will also work as a passage for getting the natural light inside the tent.

Most of the upper part of the tent is with mesh. Therefore, this part will also participate in the proper air circulation. When you find that the sky is clear then you can remove the rainfly and inside sleeping under the stars at night. Another highlight is the adjustable air-intake vent is close to the ground. This can be adjusted accordingly and comes with mesh.

Therefore, don’t worry about any ground insects or bugs. The floor vent is designed to intake the fresh air inside the tent and the hot air will get outside from the mesh ceiling. Therefore, the Core 9P extended dome family camping tent comes with excellent ventilation options.

However, if the weather changes then you will need to set up the rainfly over the tent and zip all the openings except the window on the door. You can check our best tips for camping in the rain. You can even partially unzip the window on the door in the rainy weather because there is an awning or small brim above the door. Overall, all such openings and mesh sections ensuring excellent ventilation make the Core 9P extended dome style tent a liveable tent for family camping.

6. Fabric Material

The Core 9 person family dome tent comes with the essential fabric material required for summer family camping. The tent fabric is 68D polyester. The tent fabric is quite durable. The rainfly is also made up of the same material i.e. 68D polyester. The rainfly is partial coverage that covers the mesh ceiling.

The company has doesn’t provide any information about the waterproof ratings of this tent but they used the term H20 block technology. The same technology is used in the Core 9 person instant cabin tent. You can read our review article on Core 9 person instant cabin tent.

The H20 block technology is used here means the fabric is water-repellant. It will keep the rainwater run-off faster. The active bead technology will keep you dry whenever it is raining outside. All seams are sealed. Therefore, don’t worry about water leakage inside.

7. Weather Resistance

The Core 9-person extended dome-style tent is a summer camping tent. It has a partial coverage rainfly that only covers the mesh sections. The mesh windows, a floor air intake vent, and the mesh ceiling provide excellent ventilation throughout the tent. The window on the door is protected from the light rain due to a small brim or, you can also say awning above the door. Therefore, it will keep the air circulated in the summer weather camping.

However, these openings are not a good option in winter weather because they will not be able to hold the cold air and insulate the tent from a cold environment. If you need a tent for cold weather camping then you check out the best winter tents with stove jack here.

Also, it is not the best tent option in heavy rainfall or high winds. It has fiberglass poles. They are quite vulnerable to get broken in extreme conditions. For heavy rainy conditions, you can check out the best tents for rain and wind.

Overall, the Core 9-person extended dome-style tent is a summer camping option in mild conditions. This tent will keep your breath properly and its H20 block technology, sealed seams, and active bead technology will keep you dry in light weather conditions.

8. Storage Options

core 9 person dome tent storage option

For a family camping tent, the availability of storage options is a necessity. This tent comes with a gear loft on the top. This will allow you to keep your small belongings in place. Apart from that, there are several storage pockets available on the tent wall. These will be a good option to store your flashlights, keys, smartphone, and other small equipment and tools.

9. Other Features

This tent also provides a lantern hanging hook at the top. An electric cable port is also provided so that you can take advantage of electricity if accessible at your camping site. The e-cable port comes with a zipper. Therefore, you can zip it when not in use.

A heavy-duty carry bag is included with the tent. Apart from that, you get the rainfly, poles, stakes, gear loft, and a lantern hanging hook along with the tent.


Should You Buy Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent?

The Core 9P extended dome-style tent is a true summer tent for family camping. It is best for parents with up to three kids. This is a single room structure. It comes with two windows, an air-intake vent, and a mesh ceiling for excellent ventilation. The H20 block technology, sealed seams, water-repellant fabric, and bead active technology will keep you dry if it is raining outside. The tent setup is easy as two people will take approximately minutes to completely pitch this tent.

The carry bag is included. The packed size of the tent is quite impressive and it is lightweight as well. You can even transport this tent in its carry bag to the camping place even on a motorcycle. Overall, the Core 9 extended dome tent is a good investment option for summer family camping.


Here, we have a detailed review of the Core 9-person extended dome style tent. There is no doubt that it is a smart summer family camping option. It comes with all requirements that are necessary for camping in mild weather conditions. You can make your camping trip really enjoyable with it. The unique design and eye-catching aesthetics of this tent are lit. Comment below what you think about it? Which feature you must like from this tent? Stay tuned with us for more in-depth best-camping tent reviews. Enjoy camping.

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