Eureka Apex 2XT Tent Review – Is it Worth to Buy?

Looking for the best backpacking and lightweight tent for your next hiking trail or camping trip? Are you confused about whether investing in the Eureka apex 2xt lightweight tent will be a good option? You will get the answers to your questions here. This article is a detailed review of the Eureka apex 2xt tent.

I used this tent on my last camping trip with my friend, and we returned with great unforgettable memories. As per my experience with this tent and based on my vast camping experience, I decided to write a complete review of the Eureka apex 2xt backpacking tent.

This will be going to an unbiased review to understand how this tent performs well and where it lacks. So, let’s begin by mentioning some highlighted features of this tent.

Eureka Apex 2XT Tent –

Eureka Apex 2XT Tent

  • Two side opening doors
  • 36.5 sq. ft. of floor area
  • Two No-See-Um mesh windows
  • 3 ft 7.5 in peak height
  • Full coverage fly
  • Three season tent
  • Two mesh gear pockets
  • 13.4 sq. ft. of combined vestibule area
  • Flashlight loop
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Reasonable price

  • Best two-person tent

  • Easy setup

  • Sturdy dome construction

  • Good quality zippers

  • 75D Nylon material for fly

  • The tent may leak in heavy rainfall

  • It doesn’t have sealed seams

Eureka Apex 2XT Tent

Eureka Apex 2XT Tent image

Below, we have the complete detailed review of the Eureka apex 2xt tent. We will cover essential aspects like weight and portability, setup, structure, person capacity, ventilation, fabric material, weather resistance, storage options, and warranty.

1. Weight and Portability

The Eureka Apex 2xt tent is quite lightweight. This tent falls under the category of a backpacking tent. Therefore, this tent must be lightweight. The Eureka Apex backpacking 2xt tent weighs around 5 pounds 12 ounces.

Even if you are on a hiking trail with your partner, this will be an excellent option. The main reason behind this tent is the quality of the material used in it. For example, it features two fiberglass poles. These poles are quite lightweight.

Talking about the portability, this tent is portable. You can easily carry this tent on your next camping, beach, or hiking trail. In the packed conditions, its length x width dimensions measure as 6 in x 18.5 in. It perfectly fits into the carry bag. You also get a separate stake bags. Overall, you will not be going to face any issues while carrying this tent to the camping site.

2. Setup

An easy setup is an essential attribute for an ideal backpacking tent. Even if you are on a hiking trail and already tired, you will need a tent with an easy setup. Moreover, this tent allows you to enjoy a more camping environment with a partner, then pitching the tent. In this perspective, the Eureka apex backpacking 2xt tent performs very well.

The Eureka Apex 2xt lightweight tent is very easy to setup. It follows the two-pole rectangular dome construction. Apart from that, it features the clip and sleeve design for quick setup. The poles are made up of shock-corded fiberglass. Operating these two poles is very handy and convenient.

As per our experience, pitching the Eureka apex 2xt tent is quite fast and easy. One person will be able to set up this backpacking tent in just a few minutes. Don’t forget that, stakes bag is also included. Therefore, make sure to use them to enhance the stability of your tent.

3. Structure

When you complete the tent setup, the first look is quite impressive and attractive. It looks sturdy and durable. The best thing about the Eureka apex backpacking 2xt tent is that it is a freestanding tent. Therefore, you can quickly move or change the tent’s direction if you want after the setup. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about a bit of uneven terrain.

It has two D-shaped side opening doors. Hence, both are entering and exiting the tent is quite easier. You will also don’t disturb your partner while entering or leaving the tent. The doors are also plentiful for convenience. There are also two mesh windows present on both doors. These windows will let you have a look outside without leaving the tent.

There are also two mesh panels available on the ceiling. Another great advantage is the full coverage fly. This fly will benefit you in enhancing your camping experience. The zippers on doors and fly are very convenient to use, and you will not be going to face any sticking. The tent’s dome structure also enhances the tent’s stability and contributes to the weather resistance.

4. Person Capacity

The floor dimensions of the Eureka Apex 2xt dome-style tent measure 7 ft 5 in x 4 ft 11 in (length x width). The declared person capacity of the tent is two people. How much is the interior spacious practically? Let’s find out. When you complete the tent setup, it offers 36.5 sq. Ft. floor area. The tent interior is quite spacious for two people’s accommodation.

It is obvious to have camping bags, accessories, and equipment while on a camping, hiking, or another outdoor trip. Here, you don’t need to worry because the full coverage fly creates two vestibules. These vestibules give you functional space for storing some of your stuff outside.

Each vestibule provides 6.7 sq. Ft. of area. Hence, you get 13.4 sq. Ft. of total combined vestibule area. Besides that, you can also keep your dirty shoes outside under the vestibules so that the interior sleeping area doesn’t get messy.

The center height of the Eureka apex 2xt backpacking lightweight two-person tent is around three feet and seven inches. This tent gives you functional headroom space. One thing to keep in mind is that it is a dome style tent structure. Therefore, the height will decline when you move from the center to the sides.

5. Ventilation

The proper flow of air is very important for any tent. You don’t want to feel discomfort at night because of the absence of proper airflow. When it comes to ventilation perspective, the Eureka Apex 2xt lightweight two-person tent performs very well. It has two No-See-Um mesh windows on two D-shaped doors.

Therefore, it will not only enhance the flow of proper air but throughout the tent but also keep you safe from blood-sucking mosquitoes and irritating flies. Apart from that, these openings will also allow the natural light to come inside for proper vision.

The Eureka Apex 2xt lightweight backpacking tent also has vents in the top full coverage fly. Hence, you still get proper in and outflow of air when the full coverage fly is on. The company has also used the No-See-Um mesh to make the entire side of the walls.

The No-See-Um mesh also helps in experiencing the best of stargazing without leaving the tent. You can enjoy blinking for stars at night and observe the tremendous star constellations.

If you have neighbors around you, then sometimes you will need privacy. You can close both D-shaped doors. But, this will not let you feel sophisticated. The openings will maintain the airflow throughout the tent. Apart from that, excellent ventilation means it will also prevent the condensation build-up on the tent walls.

6. Fabric Material

The company has used quality fabrics in manufacturing the Eureka apex two-person 2xt lightweight tent. The wall fabric is 1.9-ounce 70D polyester taffeta and has an 800 mm waterproof coating. The floor fabric is also 1.9-ounce 70D polyester taffeta and comes with 800 mm waterproof coating.

The umbrella has a waterproof rating of 400 mm to 500 mm. Therefore, you can understand that how much the wall fabric and floor fabrics are waterproof. The best thing about this tent is the full coverage fly. This full fly will prevent your whole tent and your accessories from getting wet in a downpour.

The fly fabric is 1.9-ounce 75D 185T StormShield polyester, and it has a waterproof rating of 800 mm. Hence, you don’t need to worry about any light winds or rainy conditions. The Eureka Apex 2xt two-person lightweight backpacking tent will don’t let you wet in rainfall.

7. Weather Resistance

The Eureka Apex 2xt lightweight dome style 2-person tent is a 3-season tent. There is no doubt about it. The quality materials are used in tent construction. You can use this tent without getting affected by outer weather elements. During summers, the availability of two no-see-um mesh windows, top vents on the fly, and mesh walls will allow excellent air ventilation.

The waterproof ratings of the tent and 75D 185T StormShield polyester used in the full coverage fly will keep you and your camping accessories dry and safe. One important feature to mention here is the tub like floor construction of this tent. You don’t need to worry about any groundwater entering your tent.

The floor material goes up to the side walls creating a tub-like structure. Therefore, it will prevent the interior from any water splashed and groundwater as well. We recommend using a separate tarp under your tent to enhance the durability of your tent in rainfall.

Another high point to discuss here is the dome style construction of this tent. This gives an aerodynamic structure to the Eureka apex 2xt two-person tent. The structure not only runs off the water quickly but also makes it stable against winds. Don’t forget that external guylines are also present that you can use to secure the fill coverage rainfly against heavy winds.

8. Storage options

When camping, we all have lots of stuff like bags, accessories, and camping equipment. Therefore, storage options become a very important factor to consider. In the case of the Eureka apex 2xt 2 person backpacking tent, you get two vestibules. You can use these vestibules to keep your stuff. Above, we already mentioned in detail about vestibules.

The Eureka Apex 2xt backpacking 2 person tent also features two mesh gear pockets to enhance the tent’s storage capacity. You can use these mesh pockets to store your equipment and belongings like smartphones, keys, flashlights, lighter, etc. One great advantage here is the flashlight loop available on the top. This will allow you to take advantage of a flashlight during a camping trip.

9. Warranty

When investing in any product, we want to get some warranty from the manufacturer. This factor also helps in understanding how much the manufacturer is confident about the product. A one-year warranty from the manufacturer backs the Eureka Apex 2xt 2-person 3-season tent.

Does Eureka Apex 2XT Tent Worth The Money?

As per our experience and detailed review, our one-word answer will be Yes. The Eureka Apex 2xt 2-person tent stands as the value for money product. This tent is a lightweight option for solo campers and hiking trails. The shock-corded fiberglass poles, sleeves, and clip system make the tent setup very easy and quick.

You will spend more time enjoying camping surroundings instead of getting stuck into complicated tent installation. The 36.5 sq. Ft. of tent floor area and roomy interior makes it the best option for 2person camping. It also has two vestibules and two mesh pockets for great storage options.

The two no-see-um mesh windows, top vents, and mesh panels around the tent allow the tent’s excellent air circulation and prevent condensation build-up on tent walls. The heavy-duty polyester fabric, good waterproof ratings, and full coverage fly will keep you and your accessories dry in a downpour.

The tub-like floor construction also prevents groundwater from entering the tent. The aerodynamic structure of the tent makes it stable against winds. Overall, the Eureka apex 2xt 2-person three-season tent is an excellent option for enjoying the wilderness of nature and camping environment.


Above, we have a detailed review of the Eureka apex 2xt 2-person tent. We discussed in detail every feature of the tent. This tent stands as a must-buy option for those who want a lightweight backpacking tent for the next hiking trail or camping trip. You can share your valuable thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on best tent reviews and camping guides.

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