How to Heat a Tent Without Electricity

Was your last camping trip became a nightmare because of extreme winter conditions? Or you just want a brief guide on how to heat a tent without electricity? Most of the nationalized camping grounds feature electricity access to the campers. However, if you love to explore untouched locations then you must have complete knowledge on how to heat a tent without electricity. Below mentioned guide will introduce you with real-time working tips and ways to keep warmth inside your tent and heat your tent without electricity.

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How to Heat a Tent in Cold Weather

1. Select a Right Tent

If you are just planning for camping in winter or purchasing a new tent for your next winter camping trip then it is time to select the right tent. The best option is to invest in a four-season camping tent. Four season tents are best-insulated tents for winters. Even, they are perfect for all-weather camping. Make sure to select a 4 season canvas tent. Check out the best tent reviews and buying guide here.

Another good option is to invest in a small one or two-person camping tent. It will be much easier to warm if you have a one-person camping tent. The Kodiak canvas one person canvas tent comes with 100% cotton duck canvas fabric. This tent is the best option for alone travelers.

2. Using a Wood Stove

You can enhance the warmth inside your tent by using a wood stove. For using a wood stove inside a tent, make sure that your tent must be made up of fireproof canvas and the floor must be fireproof, removable, and foldable. Apart from that, your tent must have an exhaust system like a stove jack so that the smoke and carbon monoxide can get outside of the tent.

The Russian Bear tent with a stove comes with a pipe jack having a diameter of 3.5 inches on the roof. In order to safely pass the pipe, a heat resistant layer is present around the pipe jack. It comes with a removable heat-resistant fabric that can withstand up to 1200┬░. You can check our list of the best cold weather camping tents with stove jack.

Insulating the Tent Floor

Once, you have a good tent for cold weather camping then your next step must be to insulate the tent floor. More than half of the cold air comes from the floor. Therefore, it is a smart decision to insulate the tent floor. Below the discussed tips will keep your tent without electricity.

1. By Using a Tarp

You can keep most of the cold outside the tent by using a tarp. Tarps are not costly and they do the job very well. You just have to place the tarp below your tent. In this way, most of the cold will keep will not enter through the floor. While buying a perfect tarp you just have to make sure that the size of the tarp is according to the size of the tent. If any of the parts stay outside the tent, then it will not be able to protect the tent from snow or rain.

2. By using a Blanket

A good quality blanket will keep the warmth inside the tent. You just have to invest in a blanket and spread it over the tent floor. This way, a blanket will add insulation to the tent. While purchasing a tent make sure that blanket must pack small. This will not consume much space. Therefore, it will also work for one person camping. Wool blankets are bulky when packed but they have good insulation capabilities.

Tips to Heat a Tent Without Electricity

Tips to Heat a Tent Without Electricity

There are various methods for insulating the tent against cold. Below, we will be going to every important tip to keep the warmth inside the tent:

1. Selecting a Good Location

The first and must follow step is to pitch the tent in a good location. We are talking about pitching the tent in an area surrounded by wind obstructers. Avoid a spot that is higher from the surrounding area. This way your tent will be a great victim to cold winds. The best option is to pitch the tent in an area surrounded by trees. Tress will resist the icy winds coming towards your tent. Make sure to not set up the tent under a tree because maybe the snow will directly fall on your tent.

2. By Using a Tent Rainfly

You can use the rainfly to keep the warmth inside the tent. Apart from that, it will also prevent the cold winds from getting inside the tent. Therefore, a rainfly will help to preserve the heat that you have inside the tent. You will find major differences when you put the rainfly than before. It will be even more beneficial if your tent has a full coverage fly.

A full-coverage rainfly will completely protect your tent from the icy winds getting inside and keeping warmth inside. The Big Agnes mad house mountaineering tent 8 is a double layer tent that comes with a full-coverage fly and impressive waterproof ratings.

3. Using Portable Tent Heaters

Tent heaters are really very essential when it comes to camping. They will keep you warm in deadly weather days and nights. There are propane heaters, best electric heaters, and butane heater to choose from. You must read the BTU while purchasing an ideal tent heater for you. BTU means British Thermal Unit is a measurement of heat output that a heater delivers at a particular time and place.

Basically, according to the dimensions of the room or tent-like surface area of tent and weather conditions, you will need the tent heater that must match with the required BTUs to warm up the entire place. You can check out our complete review of the best tent heaters for winter camping. We have listed them according to their heat output and the tent person capacity where they will work the best.

4. Purchase a Good Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are designed according to their purpose of usage. Therefore, it is a smart decision to invest a good quality sleeping bag designed especially for cold weather camping. If you have an amount to spend more then a down sleeping bag will be a good option for you. They are quite better than synthetic ones. You can invest in a sleeping bag that falls in 10 deg to 15 deg range.

5. Using Hot Water Bottles

You can place hot water bottles inside your sleeping bag. It will add extra warmth to your tent. Keep in mind that this is not a solution that will work overnight. You can use it for some period of time. It will be a good option if your hot water bottle comes with a fleece cover.

6. Wear Warm Clothes

The best way to keep warm during camping in cold weather is to wear warm clothes. This way you will stay warm during a cold night. It is proved that there mainly two places from our body where the heat escapes. We are talking about the feet and head. You can wear wool socks and a warm skull cap for insulation. Wearing gloves is a good option when it is getting too cold. Apart from warm clothes, you can wear thermal underwear like long johns.

7. Using Hot Stones

You can add extra warmth to your tent by using hot stones. You can heat stones in the campfire. Don’t worry if it rains. Check a complete guide on how to keep the fire in the rain here. You can place hot stones on an aluminum baking pan. You can also select any other option to place the hot stones. Keep in mind that the bigger sized stones will heat faster.


These are the ways to heat a tent without electricity or keep warmth inside the tent. We have mentioned every important thing that will keep you warm during cold days and nights. Comment below how you heat your tent without electricity and let us know which tip worked best for you. Stay tuned with us for more regular updates and important updates to enhance the quality of your camping trips.

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