How to Keep a Campfire in the Rain

Have you ever tried to keep the campfire in the rain? Most of the people do. Many people having questions about how to start a fire with wet wood? Even it gets very important when the surrounding is getting colder. How to keep the fire in the rain? We researched a lot and based on our last camping experience when our team successfully light up the firewood, we have listed the top 10 tips to keep your campfire burning in the rain.

Camping with friends is one of the best experience of life. Today, we will be going to have a healthy discussion on how to keep the fire in the rain. Fire needs three components to light up. Burning material, heat, and oxygen. All these components can be easily achieved if you accurately follow the below-listed tips.

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Tips on How to Keep Campfire Going Under Heavy Rain

Below, we have mentioned the top 10 tips that will allow you to keep the campfire burning even in the rain. Make sure to follow the below tips under the surveillance of parents if you are a kid. We are damn sure that by the end you will have a complete idea of how you can keep your fire while it is raining.

1. By Creating a Tarp Shelter

You can create a shelter using the tarp. The tarp is also considered as essential equipment for camping. It plays a vital role during various situations while camping and providing shelter is one of them. Simply place it from above the fire. Make sure to keep it flat above the fire. Not only it will protect your fire but also other gears. The rainwater will accumulate on its top. In case, if you are unable to make it flat and planning for the pyramid shape then make sure to build it wide enough

2. By Creating a Campfire Table

In many situations, campers forget the very essentials like a tarp. Even sometimes conditions get too worse that they are not able to use a tarp or the tarp is not accessible. Another reason may be the trees are not located perfectly. Then most of the camper follow the next tip. They create a campfire table to provide shelter to the fire.

You can create a campfire table using the very basics things available at a camping site. All you just need four pieces of branches and a plastic flat surface. Simply, stick the branches perpendicularly to the ground in the shape of a square. Now, place the flat plastic surface from above. Your campfire table is ready. Basically, you can take any water-resistant material in place of a plastic surface that can provide shelter to the campfire.

3. Oxygen is Essential

In order to light up a burning fire, there are three main essential components required. They are burning material, heat, and oxygen. In order to kindle the burning material at the initial stage, the proper supply of oxygen is required. The airflow must be appropriate at the initial burning steps. The best way you can do is by using a rigid plate. Use it vigorously and the burning material will catch the fire. Don’t use loose and frail materials such as carton pieces.

Loose material will not be able to supply proper oxygen flow. It will bend and air would flow into different sections. Initially, you will have to give your efforts because once the firewood caught the fire, heat will increase and the fire will feed itself. One important thing you must make sure is that fireplace is exposed to the air circulation.

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4. By Using a Burn Barrel

By using a burn barrel, it will keep the water away from the sides. If the firewood is wet and you are trying to burn it then the good thing is that barrel will allow you to use gasoline. Moreover, the rain will not be going to produce a much effect because once the fire has caught and the barrel reaches extremely high temperatures.

That’s how burn barrels improve the endurance of your campfire when it is raining. Another good decision is to drill holes at the side and bottom in order to allow proper airflow. Moreover, it will also help with water drainage.

5. By Digging a Small Pit

Another good tip is by digging a small pit will allow you to enjoy a campfire when it is raining. How? When you dig a small pit, you create a dry place as compared to wet surroundings. However, the rain tends to accumulate and after some time, the situations can become the opposite.

You can overcome this situation by using the draining technique. When the pit is dug enough, the burning barrel will protect the fire from getting wet from the sides. The best option is to build it on an incline instead of plain ground. The tunnel must face downwards in order to increase the water drainage.

6. By Placing a Large Log on Top

You can also try this method. It requires campers to place a large log on the top. For this method to work, you will have to prepare foundations first. The large log will keep water away from the ongoing fire underneath. One thing to keep in the notice is that you will have to maintain it like kindling once in a while and add logs.

If the sky is getting packed with dark clouds then you must keep thick and heavy firewood next to you. Therefore, once the pouring starts then you can put the log on top in no meantime. Also, it is recommended to keep small firewood stock under some rain cover so that you can add them easily if the situations get out of your side.

7. By Using Tinfoil

Most people get surprised when it comes to using tinfoil in order to keep the campfire burning in the rain. The main advantage of tinfoil is that it can endure high temperatures and also works as a water-repellant material. Therefore, if you have a burning fire and it is suddenly started to rain. Simply, put the tinfoil over the top.

It will also limit the airflow which will result in slower burning firewood. Take the positive side because firewood will burn for longer. You can use some heavy rocks or hook it to the ground using stakes in order to set it in place.

8. By Using Kindling and Tinder in a Plastic Bag

Setting up the campfire during the rain can be worse if the tinder gets wet. The best working solution for this to put the kindling and tinder in a plastic bag. This way they will don’t get wet. Once you are in the perfect situation to light things up then simply open the bag and light it with matches. Don’t worry because the plastic bag will melt and oxygen would get in.

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9. By Creating a Self Feeding Fire

It is the best way you can keep your fire burning for the longest hours. You just need to create two ramps which turn towards each other. They must be loaded with thick logs. In this mechanism, once the wood at the bottom has been consumed and burned into ashes then the next firewood will roll down. Therefore, you will be able to handle your campfire in the rain better than ever.

Why use the thick logs? Because the outer layer of the log is wet then the heat from underneath would haste water evaporation. You only need to put your efforts while creating a self-feeding fire. You can create one easily if you have the proper learning and knowledge.

10. By Making Some Dry Wood

If it is raining and all the thick firewood is wet then still you can get some sort of dry wood from the wet firewood. Remember, there is a possibility that the inner layer is probably dry. All you need is essential equipment that most of the people also carry while camping. We are talking about an axe. You can cut the woods on a dead tree trunk. Make sure to cover your existing dry woods under rain cover before going for the next wood.

You can distinguish between the dead trees from living ones by looking at their leaves and roots. If the roots of a tree are loose and the tree is not perpendicular to the ground then it is probably dead for a long time now. If you see any green leaves that means the tree isn’t dry and probably still alive. If it was just recently rained and you can arrange a knife then its time to get some kindling and tinder. You can get them from the inner dry section.


Here, we have a detailed discussion on how easily you can keep your campfire burning in the rain. You can check out our guides on how to keep food cold while camping and Most Comfortable Ways to Sleep in a Tent here. All the above discussed best 10 tips really worked for me and I am sure they will work for you as well. Comment below if you have any questions. We will resolve your queries. Stay tuned for more interesting and helpful camping guides and tent reviews.

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