The North Face Tadpole 23 Review

The North Face tadpole 23 tent is an aesthetics enriched 3-season backpacking tent that comes with all required features for a comfortable backcountry camping experience. Finally, we got our hands on it and we are ready for a detailed review of this tent. We will be going to review this tent based on several aspects including the tent structure, setup procedure and time, person accommodation, ventilation, weather resistance, storage options, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for an in-depth review of the North Face tadpole 23 tent then you are in the right article. By the end, you will have a complete reason for how the North Face tadpole two-person backcountry camping tent is a great option for your summer camping trips. So, let’s begin with some highlight features of this tent.

The North Face Tadpole 23 Review

North Face Tadpole 23 Tent Features

  • 9.1 sq. ft vestibule area
  • Geo-hybrid design
  • Affordable price
  • Proper ventilation
  • Easy setup
  • 26 sq. ft. floor area
  • Pressfit aluminum poles
  • 3 ft 5 in peak height
  • Rainfly
  • Leak-proof
  • Proper ventilation

  • Ten minutes setup

  • Full coverage rainfly

  • Affordable

  • Lightweight

  • Fly build-up condensation inside

  • Not for heavy rainy conditions

North Face Tadpole Tent Review – Is it Worth to Buy?

Below, we have a detailed review of the North Face tadpole 23 geo-hybrid style tent. We have covered all the features and options that this tent offers. Make sure to give this article a complete reading to not miss any important information and updates.

1. Packed Weight and Size

In the packed conditions, its dimensions measure as 23 in x 6 in or, we can say 58.42 cm x 15.2 cm. The packed tent weighs around 5 lbs 7 oz. The minimum trail weight is around 3 lbs 15 oz. If we consider the size of this backpacking tent, it has a working weight for backcountry camping. Actually, the DAC Pres-Fit poles are used in this tent and they are quite heavier than higher-quality poles. The company has well-designed the tent such that it has good size in the packed conditions.

You can even carry it with you on a two-wheeler like a motorcycle. If you are planning for a backcountry backpacking experience with your friend, then this is a good option for you. If you look at the Big Fat Frog 24 tent. You will find it quite similar to the North Face tadpole 2 person 23 tents. On the practical camping, the tadpole is quite lighter and smaller than the Big Fat frog.

2. Tent Setup

The North Face Tadpole 23 tent setup

The North Face has done hard-work by bringing the best tent from their side. Actually, there are three poles that come with this tent. They all are DAC press-fit poles. This tent features a three-pole design which was quite popular in the 1990s. There are several benefits to this three-pole design. The two crossing poles run lengthwise and one pole running side to side.

There are ten stakes provided. You can use them wisely to properly stake the tent. The best thing is that it is a freestanding tent. Therefore, you can also go with a few stakes. Our advice is to properly and carefully stake your tent to the ground because it provides stability and rigidity to the tent structure. The three-pole design of this tent not only makes it a stronger option but also reduces the amount of fabric and weight of the tent. How? Actually, the three-pole design allows the tent to be lower and narrower in the back.

You will also get ten pole clips and two short pole sleeves. Apart from that, the color-coded poles and webbing straps allow the easy handling of this three-pole design. Based on our experience, two people will be able to set up the North Face tadpole two-person backpacking tent in just ten minutes. We highly recommend practicing the tent set up in the backyard before heading towards the camping site. It will give you a realistic experience of the tent setup.

3. Structure

On the setup completion, you get a very well geo-hybrid designed tent. On the very first, it looks quite elegant and eye-catching. It is far from those usual two-pole design backpacking style tents. This two-person backpacking tent comes with a peak height of 3 ft 5 in. We said about the peak height. The height decreases when you move to the backside because of the three-pole design. You get adequate headroom space to comfortably sit inside.

If you are an alone backpacker then this will be comfortable for you. On the other side, if there are two people inside then you can’t do much activity besides sleeping. If your height is below 6 ft then you can go to this affordable backpacking tent. However, if your height exceeds the threshold limit then you can go for other backcountry tent options.

On the front side, it has a large D-shaped door. This tent only has a single door. The best thing is that it has dual zippers. They allow you to easily get inside and outside of the tent. This tent also features several mesh panels. You will not be going to face any breathing problems when two people are chilling inside the tent.

This is a good option for backcountry camping trips. If the weather changes then you can also put the rainfly over it. The rainfly comes with full coverage. Structure wise, this is a good tent for family camping.

4. Person Capacity

This tent attains dimensions measure as 7 ft x 4 ft or, we can say 84 in x 48 in. Therefore, you get 26 sq. ft. of floor area. The declared person capacity of this tent is two people. Hence, you get 13 sq. ft. of area per person. Well! You can easily fit two sleeping pads inside of the tent. This tent will be a perfect option for you and your friends during a summer festival and just need to spend the night.

This tent also features 9.1 sq. ft. of vestibule area when you put the full coverage rainfly over the tent. You can use this vestibule area to put your dirty shoes in order to keep your inner tent sleeping area comfortable and clean. This is a backpacking principle tent. You will not be going to store many bags or equipment inside.

Our recommendation is to use this tent for single person backpacking and hiking trips so that you get enough inner room space for a comfortable experience. Otherwise, this tent also stands as an unbeatable option if you and your friend just want to spend one night outside. You can check our list of 10 best one-person camping tents.

5. Ventilation

When we talk about the backpacking tents then ventilation cannot be ignored. The tent area is limited but must have good ventilation options to prevent any condensation inside and proper flow of air throughout the tent. Apart from that, they will also work as a passage for getting the natural light inside the tent.

The North Face tadpole two-person three-pole design tent completely proves it. As we already, said that this tent comes with a large D-shaped door. There are several mesh parts available inside. Therefore, you will not be going to face any ventilation issues. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the insects or bugs getting inside of your tent because the mesh panels will keep them out.

However, if the weather changes then you will need to set up the rainfly over the tent and zip the door. Don’t forget that the rainfly is full coverage then you will find condensation build-up inside the tent. Our recommendation is to not use this tent in heavy or longer rainfall conditions. You can read our guide on how to do camping in the rain. Overall, the large door with double zippers and mesh sections ensures proper ventilation makes the North Face tadpole 23 a liveable tent for backpacking and hiking trips.

6. Weather Resistance

The North Face tadpole 2-person 23 tents is a 3-season camping tent. The materials used in this tent are made up of good quality. It features a full-coverage rainfly that will protect it when it’s raining outside. The large door has double zippers. You can use them as per convenience. However, this tent is not a good option in winter weather because it will not be able to hold the hot air and insulate the tent from a cold environment. If you need a tent for cold weather camping then check out the best winter camping tents.

Also, it is not the best tent option in heavy rainfall or high winds. It has DAC press-fit poles. They are quite vulnerable to get broken in extreme conditions. For heavy rainy conditions, you can check our guide on the best tents for rain and wind.

7. Storage Options

For any camping trip, the availability of storage options is a necessity. This tent comes with four inner storage pockets. Two pockets are available on each side. These will be a good option to store your flashlights, keys, watch, headlamp, smartphone, and other small equipment and tools. Apart from that, there are three overhead hang loops also available. Two are positioned on the front side and one is on the backside.



The North Face tadpole 23 tent is a good three-season backpacking tent. It comes with all required features making your backpacking and hiking trips successful and comfortable. The mesh panels inside allow proper ventilation but don’t use it in heavy rainy conditions. This tent is available at an affordable price and a strong 3-pole design. Share your valuable thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for regular updates on camping tent reviews and guides.

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