How to Plan a Camping Trip with Friends

Are you planning for camping with your friends? Do you and your friends are new to camping? Are you in search of working tips to plan a successful camping trip with your friends? Congrats! Because this guide will be going to introduce a complete and healthy discussion on how you can plan a successful camping trip with your friends. A group of friends has to be prepared for everything while camping.

You and your friends don’t need to look more on the internet to search for tips to plan a camping trip with your friends because below, we have featured the top 15 tips for planning a camping trip with your friends. You and your friends are leaving civilization and moving forward to spend the next few days in the wilderness of nature. Therefore, it requires campers to be prepared.

How to Plan a Camping Trip with Friends

What Do you Need for Camping?

Below listed top 15 tips will give a complete concept about what you and your friends need to do and don’t do in order to achieve a successful camping trip. So, let’s begin…

1. Look for A Perfect Camp Site

The very first thing is to select a perfect camp site. There are numerous camp sites are available out there. You can also select between the camping grounds. The best way to can choose is to make a comparison. You can compare the prices and what amenities they are offering. Check if they have a small store so that you can buy essentials in case you forget. It will be advantageous if the camp site is offering close-ended bathrooms with showers. Remember, camping is fun but you will need to prepare for everything in advance. Also, verify that your friends also fit in your selected place. Take your time and select a perfect camp site.

2. Check for Other Activities

Make sure that your camp site is not so far from your nearby outdoor activities. Most of the camping grounds have hiking trails down the road or on-site as well. If your friend’s group has a plan to explore new things around the natural attractions then make sure that it doesn’t require all of you to drive one hour to get there. If your group is willing to include white water rafting or kayaking then make sure to pick a location nearby a source of lots of water. Therefore, make a list of activities that your group wants to do then check what actually the selected camp site can offer.

3. Don’t Get Hungry

A group of friends means there will be lots of fun. But when it comes to camping, everyone must be disciplined. Never get too hungry on a camp site. You are outside of your comfort zone and currently enjoying outdoor activities. Therefore, you also need a good amount of energy to make your camping trip successful.

Like cars need fuel, same as human needs food to work. Another important thing apart from food is water. Make sure to have water carriers with you. You and your friends have to be well-hydrated at the camping place. If you will camping in summers then make sure to froze at least 85% of your water and place them in a cooler. The water will remain cold for plenty of time.

4. Cell Networks may be Lost

Cell networks usually get lost in most of the camp sites. You will be far away from the local towns and completely enrolled in the wilderness of mature. Therefore, it is always advised to not get entirely dependent on your cell phone networks. You can tell your parents and other friends about your camping place before leaving your house. It will be a good decision to print everything you will need online. Also, carry some games and books to the camping ground.

5. Be Prepared for Dark and Cold

Planning A Camping Trip With Friends

The camp site in the morning will look awesome but at night, everything gets enrolled in the darkness. Therefore, make sure to carry sources of light like flashlights and lanterns with you. These will keep you on track while pursuing various activities in the dark. You can also make a campfire to get every group member engaged. It will cut the darkness at the camp site. Based on your camp site, it might get cold. Therefore, be prepared for it. The best decision is to carry dedicated clothes and blankets.

The campfire will also keep your tent warm or you need to choose winter tents which comes with stove jack. Also, make sure to change your clothes in the night for a comfortable sleep. In the daytime, your wearings get exposed to dust and dirt.

6. Select a Perfect Tent

A tent is one of the essential things required for a successful camping trip. You must select a tent based on how many members are in the group. If there are up to eight members in the group then you can select a tent from our list of top 10 best 8-person camping tents. Also, don’t ignore the tent setup time. Your friends will never like to spend their lots of time pitching the tent instead of doing fun together. You must select a tent that can be easily pitched in a few minutes.

The core has done a great job by introducing the Core 9 person instant cabin tent. This tent setup procedure is so easy and quickly such that one person can easily set up the tent in just two minutes. The Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin 3-room camping tent is another great option that offers three separate rooms for privacy.

7. Don’t Forget About Local Animals

You will be going to do camping in the wilderness of nature. Therefore, there are very high chances that animals will be around you. Don’t worry because the nationalized camping grounds have low threats of dangerous animals. But, if you are camping in a new place far from the local town then make sure to properly read about the local animals. Bear can be mostly seen nearby camp sites while in the wilderness of nature. Therefore, learn about how to deal with the situation if you see one. Get a suitable time to read about how to protect your food while camping and correctly dispose of your trash. Remember, the more you will be prepared, the more you will enjoy it.

8. Check out the Guidelines and Rules

Always check the rules and guidelines of the camping ground before packing your bags. Every camping ground has its own sort of rules and regulations. Their guidelines are just to keep you safe and create a good discipline at the camping ground. Make sure to check out whether alcohol is allowed or not? Pets are allowed or not? Checkout the best tents for camping with dogs here. How old a person to be in order to rent a tent and other restrictions. If you find a good option then you can ask your friends that you have selected a great camping ground.

9. Print Out Maps

Paper maps can take over the mobile phone maps. We are not saying that the maps application on your phone is not good. Let’s assume a situation when the cell phone network has gone and you will not be able to access the internet. Then paper maps stand as the best option. You can print them online or can buy one from the nearest shop. Therefore, you will still have some directions while camping. You can download offline maps that will also benefit you if you forgot the paper map.

Trip with friends

10. Don’t Get Wet

We cannot control rain to not occur at camping place but we can do is prevent ourselves, friends and our belongings getting wet. Make sure that all your camping stuff, gears, and other belongings are in the dry state. If not then first dry them properly. Make sure your tent and sleeping bags are dry. Waterproof shoes are the best option here. There is a good variety of rain gears are available that will keep you dry when it rains outside of the tent. If you find even a short hint of rain then suddenly put the rainfly over the tent. Rainfly will give your tent protection from rainwater. Make sure to not zip all the windows. At least who are under the awning. It will prevent the level of condensation inside.

11. Check the Weather

Most people even think about it and they suffer when the weather changes the next day. Therefore, it is an ideal responsibility to check the weather in priority. If it is predicting rainy days for the next weeks then you may skip the camping. Go for camping when the weather prediction is clear sky. If you are camping in summer, you can also enjoy the golf or other games to pass the time. You can checkout the best golf clubs for beginners. However, it is still recommended to always carry tarps and rain jackets with you. So that you have a backup in case of weather changes. If you are just preparing to invest in a tent then you can check our list of top 10 best tents for bad weather.

12. Check Nearby Store Availablity

Always check if there any nearby store available to the camp site. Mostly nationalized camping grounds feature stores located so that you can purchase essentials in case if you forget to carry. However, if your camp site is far away from the local town then always make sure to check the availability of nearby stores. How far the store is located. You can carry some essentials on your way to the camp site. Few people are also worried about how they can keep food cold while camping so that their food doesn’t get contaminated. You can check our detailed discussion here.

13. Be Prepared for Mosquitoes

Camping is among the best outdoor activity most people love to do. However, they mostly forget about these bloodsuckers. Mosquitoes can ruin your experience if you have no prevention tools or anything to protect you from them. Even most of the people don’t think of it until they face mosquitoes on their camping night. You can read our article about the best tips to keep mosquitoes away while camping.

14. Don’t forget about Essentials for Sleeping

Some people don’t find themselves comfortable while sleeping in a tent. They have invested in a good tent and every equipment required for a comfortable camping trip. But they are lacking in the quality of sleep in the tent. The reason may be due to the unavailability of essential equipment for sleeping in a tent. Make sure to carry items like Earplugs, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, sleepy mask, etc. Don’t eat at least 3 hours before going to sleep and don’t drink water at least 4 hours before going to sleep. Here, we have a healthy discussion on the best ways to comfortably sleep in a tent.

15. First Aid Kit

It is obvious that you are going to carry the first aid kit with you. Who knows what will happen next. Still, you get some extra support. You can carry bandages, aspirins, and gauze. Don’t forget to carry aloe vera for burns and bug sprays. You will appreciate your decision.


Here, we have a healthy discussion on 15 tips for planning a camping trip with friends. Also, make sure to distribute responsibility to everyone so that every member of your group can perform teamwork. Most of the camping grounds work on reservations. Reservations are taken up to a year in advance. On the other hand, some of the camp sites are available on a first-come, first-served mechanism. Therefore, it will be a good decision to arrive at the camp site early before others. Share your vision in the comments section below. Stay tuned.

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