15 Tips for Camping in the Rain

Did you cancelled your last camping plan just because of rain? If the forecast is not about any heavy rainfall or storm then you must go for your camping trip because you will learn a lot. But, you have to be prepared for all such challenges while camping in rain. Based on our past camping experience, we have mentioned our top 15 best tips for camping in rain.

Camping while raining is full of challenges. But don’t worry. Humans get more perfect once they complete the challenges. You can conquer the rainfall if you are already prepared for it. Some of the below-mentioned tips will even help you a lot if the rain started while you are on the camping ground. Therefore, get a hot cup of coffee and get ready to invest your next ten minutes in making your camping journey more organized.

How to Camp in the Rain

How to Camping in the Rain

The below-discussed tips will help you make your camping trip successful and enjoyable even when it rains. You just have to think and act smart. Comment below what the first task you prefer to do when its rain while camping.

1. Don’t Ignore the Weather Forecast

It is obvious that everyone must check the weather forecast for the area where you will hike or camp in the days prior to your departure. We recommend checking the forecast frequently because, in most of the mounting area, weather changes rapidly. If the forecast warns about any storm or heavy rains then it is a smart decision to postpone the camping plan for further. Carrying rain gears are essential even if the forecast declares about dry days. It is natural and sometimes the weather is just unpredictable or wrong.

2. Get a Perfect Tent for Rain

The first and most prior thing for camping in the rain in a tent. If you are just planning to buy a new tent then make sure to invest your money in the right tent. We are talking about a perfect waterproof tent. The selected tent must have good waterproof ratings for the tent body, rainfly, and floor. The seams must be inverted seams. Openings like doors and windows must have waterproof panels.

It will be even more beneficial when your tent has full coverage rainfly. The Big Agnes mad house mountaineering tent 8 is a double layer tent that comes with a full-coverage fly and impressive waterproof ratings. You can also check out a guide on the best family tents for bad weather here.

3. Carry the Essentials

You must have all essentials with you for camping in the rain. You can make a checklist for the essentials so that you don’t forget anyone of them. You will need lots of plastic bags. There are certain things that can be damaged in the rain like food, clothes, electronics, gears, etc. Plastic bags will prevent your stuff from getting wet.

Don’t forget to carry a waterproof flashlight. You will need light in the darkness of rainy night. It is always recommended to carry a cooking stove with you. If you are a new camper then you may face problems in kindling fire outside. Read our article about how to keep the fire in the rain.

You must have ready and uncooked food with you because you don’t want to drop your energy levels in the rain. Also, list a waterproof backpack cover. Don’t forget to carry a rainproof camera cover with you because you will like to capture enjoyable moments in the rain.

4. Selecting a Perfect Site

You must be very careful while selecting a perfect camping site. Most campers prefer flat areas. However, in the case of rain, you must select a raised place like on top of a small hill. Actually, the rainwater tends to flow down. Of course! You don’t want to get caught in any chances of flooding. Also, make sure there are no branches, stones, roots in your camping site because these will make tears and damages to your tent.

Don’t pitch your tent under the trees. During the season, trees branches tend to collect more water and they get heavier. You don’t want to fall them in your tent. If lightning strikes the tree then your tent may be a victim to it. So, be careful while selecting a camping site.

Camping in The Rain

5. Practice the Tent Setup

You must be able to set up your tent speedily because if the rain starts immediately you reached the place then you will be able to pitch you tent in less time and protect your camping gear and other stuff from getting wet. The thumb rule is the more you practice, the more you will be perfect. You can learn and practice pitching your tent in the backyard of your house.

6. Put a Tarp Underneath Your Tent

The best way to prevent your water from getting inside through the floor is by putting a tarp underneath your tent. Apart from that, it will also make your tent insulated from the ground and prevent your tent floor from getting wear and tear. Select a tarp the same size of your tent floor. Just make sure that no part of the tarp is outside because their water will accumulate. This will allow your tent floor to absorb water.

7. Line the Inside of Your Tent

If the rain is heavy and lasts longer then you will need to line inside your tent. You can use a thick plastic sheeting that construction workers use. Make sure that the size of the plastic sheet is 6 inches wider than the diameter of your tent floor. This way you will prevent any moisture from getting inside.

8. Take Enough Clothes

While leaving your home, make sure to carry enough clothes with you. In the heavy rainfall or mud can make your current wore clothes wet. Moreover, there will be great chances that you will not see sunlight for long. If you already have wet clothes then you can hang your clothes so that they can get a little dry. Actually, moisture will damage the fabric.

9. Sleeping Pads and Sleeping Bags

On a rainy night, temperatures fall down. You have to keep your body as warm as possible. During the night, you can put more than one sleeping pads underneath your sleeping bags. While purchasing a sleeping bag, invest in a good quality sleeping bag designed especially for cold weather camping. If you have an amount to spend more then a down sleeping bag will be a good option for you. They are quite better than synthetic ones.

10. Dig Small Furrows

If you are expecting a heavy rainfall or a long rainy day then you may get worried about water accumulation around your tent. The best way to deal with it is by digging small furrows around your tent. This technique will keep the groundwater far from your tent. Well! If you just see the clouds are just preparing for rainfall then you can start digging small furrows for extra protection. Therefore, you will be ready if things really get worse.

11. Carry Newspapers

You must carry newspapers with you whenever you are planning for a camping trip. Why? There is a big reason and you will really appreciate your decision for carrying the newspapers while leaving the sweet home. The first advantage is that they will help you start the fire whenever you don’t find any kindling or the kindling material is wet due to rain.

Another great advantage of carrying a newspaper while camping trip is that you can keep place them inside your wet shoes. Actually, the newspaper will suck the moisture and help your wet shoes to dry speedily.

12. Use a Big Tarp Above Your Tent

You make your tent completely dry by hanging a tarp above your tent. It will keep your tent dry for several days. While hanging makes sure it is tight so that water doesn’t accumulate above. A bag tarp above the tent will give you a front porch like an area that can be used to keeping dirty shoes out of the tent. If you have such a big tarp then it will give you ample area for cooking.

13. Don’t Forget to Carry First Aid Kit

During rainfall, the ground gets slippery. You are far from your comfort zone and amenities of the city. Therefore, you have to be extra careful to not lose stability. You must have non-skid shoes. Don’t walk fast during rainfall. Hence, check whether you have picked the first aid kit with you.

14. Don’t Leave You Tent Unsecured

Not only during rain, but you must also make sure that everything is secure while leaving the tent. Your tent must be completely zipped so that rainwater or even wild animals don’t get inside of your tent in your absence. Make sure to lower window flaps, loosen the guylines, and zip your door.

15. Enjoy The Moments

Camping is full of fun. You just need to be disciplined while enjoying. Once, you have figured that everything is alright then its time to go out and have some fun. Wear required clothes like a raincoat, waterproof pants, and rainproof shoes. You can also carry some drinks and food with you. While enjoying give your best to stay dry while camping in rain.


Here, we have discussed our top 15 tips for camping in the rain. Usually, camping in rain is full of challenges, especially for new campers. Based on the camping experience, some campers deal with the rain smartly. The above-discussed tips will make your camping trip in rain really enjoyable because you will get ready for everything. You must have a good camping tent specially designed for rain.

Putting tarp underneath the tent and tightly hanging above the tent at an angle will keep your whole area dry and give you dry space for cooking. You must dig small furrows so that water doesn’t accumulate around your tent. Don’t forget to carry essentials especially the above mentioned. Comment below if you have any questions. Stay tuned for more helpful camping guides.

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