15 Tips for Staying Cool on Summer Camping

Are you interested in how to stay cool while camping in summers? Or, how you can make your camping trip enjoyable in high temperatures? Guys! Your search ends here because below we have featured our top 15 recommended tips to stay cool on summer camping.

How to Stay Cool While Camping in The Summer?

Below, we have listed our recommended tips to stay cool while camping in high temperatures. Make sure to grab a chilled drink with you and invest your next ten minutes in reading the below healthy discussion.

1. Pitch Your Camping Tent in Shade

Never pitch your camping tent in the direct sunlight especially when you are on direct sunlight exposure. It is a good decision to pitch the tent in the shady area. Simply, take a look at the position of sun then select a place with the most density of shade. You can also take the help of a compass on your smartphone in order to find out where the sun will pass in the sky.

Let the trees absorb the sunlight instead of your tent. It will be even more beneficial if you found a place which has a lot of shade and also on higher ground. The breeze will prevent your tent from high temperatures. Resultant, your tent will stay cool.

2. Camp Near Water Source

Another best tip to beat the hot summers during camping is to camp near a water source like a pond, lake, etc. Therefore, whenever you feel the day is getting too hot, you can dip in and out. You can make your camping trip more enjoyable if you also carry a beach ball and inflatable ring. We are sure that you and your camping partners will enjoy it a lot.

3. Selecting a Cool Tent

You can stay cool in your tent when you actually have a cool tent. Make sure that your tent has excellent ventilation properties like the Core instant cabin tent 6 has. Mesh ceiling is another great advantage that adds up a great step in the proper flow of air inside like the Ozark Trail 12 person 3 room instant cabin tent with screen room. If you are really confused about selecting a perfect tent then check out here.

Coleman Instant Cabin 4 person tent comes with the Coleman darkroom technology. Therefore, it will keep the sunlight from getting in. It will benefit you if you are taking a nap in the afternoon. Moreover, this will also keep the inner temperature of the tent cooler than outside.

4. Open the Vents

Most of the summer camping tents come with vents. You can keep them open to enhance the flow of air inside. Apart from the vents, campers also agree to keep open all doors and windows for maximum ventilation. Almost all the tent windows have mesh panels. So don’t worry about bugs.

cool summer camping on mountain

5. Get a Portable Fan

Portable fans are the best option to stay cool while camping during hot summers. You can place them at any stable ground inside your tent. Make sure to buy rechargeable portable fans so that you can change the battery.

6. Stay Hydrated

Never get dehydrated during the camping in high-temperature summers. It is obviously not good for your health. On the normal temperature, at least 2 liters of water is recommended. If you are very active and currently camping in high temperatures then make sure to drink more than 3 liters of water in a day. Another good option is to freeze 80% of your water in bottles and keep them in an ice-filled cooler. It will keep the water bottles cooler for a longer time.

7. Eat Cold Food

Always try to eat cold food during hot summers. The best option is to eat lots of salads. Most of them even don’t require you to specifically cook. You can prepare and eat them in no meantime. Eatable fruits and vegetables will also keep your energy levels high and maintain your appetite. If you are worried about how you can keep your food cold then check our detailed guide here.

8. Wear Loose Clothes

Humans cannot control high temperatures. This is the mechanism of our mother nature. What we can do is prevent ourselves from hot summers by wearing loose clothes. Don’t wear tight jeans or any restrictive clothes. You can prevent your face from direct sunlight exposure is by wearing a hat. Make sure to select a hat with UPF rating of 50. It will be good if it has a brim all around.

The color of your clothes also matters a lot. Avoid wearing dark colors and opt for light colors clothing.

9. Get a Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for camping in jot summers. Make sure to invest in a sunscreen with SPF ratings. You can also reapply it throughout the day for more protection. There are waterproof sunscreen options that are also available in case if you are in and out of water.

10. Put a Tarp

It will be even more beneficial if you put a tarp in such a way that it provides an extra layer of protection from sunlight. While setting up, make sure that it doesn’t come along the way of breeze. The best alternative of a tarp is to use a beach canopy.

11. Get an Inflatable Pool

You can purchase an inflatable pool while planning for camping in case the selected camping site doesn’t have a water source like a lake or pond. If you have kids then they will enjoy it a lot. If you are planning for family camping then make sure to check our detailed guide on how to plan a successful camping trip?

12. Take Off the Rainfly

You can take off the rainfly in case if there is no chance of rain. If your tent has a mesh ceiling then you will be going to enjoy a lot. It will not only let the breeze come in but also restrict the bugs and insects from getting inside. Also, you will be going to enjoy sleeping under the stars while staying inside the tent.

13. Tubing

We are damn sure that you will enjoy tubing a lot even in the hot summers. Simply, get an inflatable ring and pack some snacks in a waterproof bag. Now, you are ready to spend your day enjoying the river.

14. Make a Hike on Hills

Another great adventure is to take a hike and get onto high ground. Why? Because the result will be packed with lots of rewards. The temperature is lower at high on hills, the views are just magnificent and the breeze is like a golden package in summers. Hiking the hills will take a lot of hard work but it is completely worth it.

15. Soak Your Hat

This is an amazing trick to stay cool in high temperatures. Simply, soak your hat before wearing then it will trickle down the water droplets to your entire back. In case if you have a bandana then the sodden bandana will help to keep your body temperature down. The same rule applies to the buff. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time that you can go out and enjoy camping in hot summers.


We are happy to share our best-recommended tips to stay cool while camping in hot summers. Do you have any hot summer camping experience? How it was challenging? Do you know want any other tip to be listed above? Comment below. You can also ask your doubts. We will give our best to resolve your queries. Have a nice day.

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